Pear "Beauty Chernenko": characteristics of the variety and protection against diseases

Pear "Beauty Chernenko": characteristics of the variety and protection against diseases

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Pear "Beauty Chernenko" is a popular autumn variety in our country, obtained by breeders of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Genetics and Selection of Fruit Plants named after Michurin. When crossing, the varieties "Daughter Blankova" and "Bere Ardanpon" were used as a parent pair.

The description of the variety and its main characteristics were given by the author of the variety, the breeder S.F. Chernenko, who brought up a large number of varieties interesting for home gardening. Pear "Beauty Chernenko" zoned for cultivation in the Central region of Russia and is often used in amateur gardening in the Central Black Earth and Central regions.

Description and varietal characteristics

Pear cultivar "Beauty Chernenko" forms a strong and tall plant with a crown of a pyramidal shape. The shoots are medium in thickness, with a slight curvature and articulation, a reddish-brown color. The leaves are large, elongated.

Fruits of large size, elongated pear-shaped, with average indices of one-dimensionality and noticeable tuberosity, covered with medium-thick skin with a slight waxy coating. The staining at the pick-up phase is greenish, a slight blush may be present. At the stage of consumer ripeness, the skin is greenish-yellow with a blurry reddish blush.

The peduncle is long and thick, curved. Seeds are elongated and dark brown.

The pulp of ripe fruits is white, slightly dull, very juicy, with average density. The consistency is semi-oily. The taste is good, sour-sweet, without a pronounced aroma. The average mass of marketable fruit, depending on the soil and climatic conditions and cultivation characteristics, can vary from 175 to 305 g.

The period of removable maturity falls at the end of August. The harvested crop, subject to storage conditions, can perfectly lie about a month and a half. To increase the yield of pears, it is recommended to plant pollinating varieties, the best of which is the mid-season Yakovleva’s favorite.

Plants bear fruit seven years after planting in a permanent place. Yield indicators are growing quite slowly. Average indicators reach 195-205 kg / ha. Frost tolerance of adult productive plants is average. Fruits and foliage are resistant to scab damage.

How to plant a pear

Blackening of the leaves: causes and treatment

Gardeners may experience blackening of foliage on both young and already adult, productive fruit plantings of the Beauty Chernenko pear variety. The reason for the change in leaf color can be factors such as damage to fruit plantations by diseases and pests, as well as weather conditions and a lack of trace elements.

Reason for the phenomenonTreatment methods
The defeat of fruit stands by bacteriosisTimely processing of fruit stands with fungicidal preparations "Strobi" and "Skor"
Boron starvation of plantsFoliar feeding of trees with fertilizers containing the maximum amount of boron
Damage to plants with scab, or Dothideales fungusProcessing the crown of plants with a 3% solution of Bordeaux mixture and spraying at the stage of budding with Topaz or Horus
Defeat of plants by tinkerSpraying the crown with tinctures of tansy, garlic or onion husk with the addition of ash in the finished composition
Increased air drynessSprinkler crown in addition to standard irrigation methods

Prevention of other diseases

The pear of the "Beauty Chernenko" variety is extremely rarely affected by diseases and pests. Carrying out preventive measures reduces the risk of damage to a minimum:

  • to prevent damage by scab, or rust, trees are treated before blooming buds and after flowering with 1% Bordeaux liquid or 0.5% copper chloride solution;
  • against fruit rot spraying is used at the stage of budding and immediately after flowering with 1% Bordeaux liquid;

  • in order to prevent pears, powdery mildew is sprayed once a week with a solution of colloidal sulfur, prepared at the rate of 25 g of substance per 10 l of water with the addition of 5 g of copper sulfate;
  • colloidal sulfur is used to protect against plants from pear gall mites, and spraying is carried out at the stage of kidney swelling with Nitrafen and after flowering with Karbofos;
  • against pear tinnitus, plants are sprayed with a 3% solution of Nitrafen or a 0.3% solution of Karbofos.

Timely prophylaxis with the use of effective drugs can significantly reduce the risk of crop loss due to disease or pest damage.

Gardeners reviews and tips

The pear of the "Beauty Chernenko" variety has such undeniable advantages as the formation of high-quality fruits, as well as the increased resistance of plants to damage by fungal diseases. However, some minuses of the variety should be taken into account, including a significant height of trees, late entry into fruiting and the formation of non-uniform fruits.

How to whiten a pear

In general, the pear of the variety "Beauty Chernenko", or "Russian Beauty", is characterized positively by gardeners. This variety is in demand in home gardening not only in our country, but also in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine.