Raspberry "Generalissimus" - the latest large-fruited variety

Raspberry "Generalissimus" - the latest large-fruited variety

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Raspberry Generalissimus belongs to the repairing varieties of medium ripening and is characterized by good resistance to the main, most common diseases of berry crops.

Grade description

Generalissimus - one of the newest large-fruited raspberry varieties, forming a medium-sized bush with very powerful, strong and thick shoots. Thorn shoots high, along the entire length. The shoot-forming ability is average. Young shoots are represented by 5-7 shoots. Each bush forms no more than ten shoots of substitution.

The variety is characterized by excellent productivity. The average yield is 5-6 kg of large berries. Full pruning of shoots in the autumn period contributes to an increase in yield by 25 - 35%.

The berry is large, up to 4 cm long. The average mass of marketable berries reaches 11 g. The shape of the berry is dull, the surface is bright red. Berries do not crumble when ripe. Harvested highly transportable. The maximum yield is observed when cultivating this variety on fertile soils in the southern regions of our country.

Landing requirements

Raspberry raspantantny variety "Generalissimus" needs fertile light soils, without a high occurrence of groundwater. The site should be well lit throughout the day. The most suitable place for planting seedlings is the south side of the garden, near the buildings.

Saplings with an open root system are planted in the autumn or early spring, even before the onset of the active vegetation phase. Planting material with a closed root system can be planted throughout the growing season.

Ordinary landing method plants: 1.5-2 m between rows and from 0.5 to 1 m between plants. Tape landing method remont raspberries: in 2-3 lines and a distance of 70 cm, and between ribbons - from 1.5 to 2 m. When bush methode plants need to be placed in the corners of squares of 1.0x1.5 m.

Ways to increase productivity

Repairing raspberry varieties with confidence occupy a leading position in plantings on personal plots and garden plots, which is due to the ability to receive crops from such shrubs twice a season. Yield indicators are strongly influenced by such parameters as the number of fruiting shoots on each bush, the number of ovaries on the shoot, average berry mass and weather conditions.

In order to increase productivity and extend the period of fruiting of a berry crop, it is very important not only to observe the basic rules of agricultural technology, but also to use some highly effective techniques.

The most effective way to prune annual raspberries today is the method of A. G. SobolevIt involves in the summer period shortening of shoots by 15-20 cm and minimal shortening of second-order shoots in the spring. Immediately after harvesting the last crop, all fruiting shoots on the bushes must be cut to the root
The method of thinning raspberry bushesIn the process of thinning raspberry, it is necessary to leave no more than four or five fruiting shoots on one bush of the repairing variety
Effective WateringA large area of ​​raspberries suggests the use of a drip irrigation system. The main watering should be in the period of active growth, flowering and the formation of berries. Depth of stable soil moisture should be 35-40 cm
Fertilizer applicationMineral fertilizers are successfully replaced by organics in the form of diluted mullein or infusion based on chicken manure with the addition of wood ash
Mandatory loosening after irrigationWhen loosening the soil in the planting of remont raspberries, it is impossible to prevent damage to the root system of the plant

Raspberries with the sonorous name of "Generalissimo" abundantly bears fruit in conditions of high agricultural technology. But even a slight deviation from growing technology, according to experienced gardeners, does not have a significant negative effect on the yield of this remont modern variety.

Gardeners reviews

Raspberry "Generalissimus" has already managed to establish itself quite well in the conditions of home gardening. The responses of gardeners and amateur gardeners are positive, and the description of the variety characterizes it as high-yielding, forming very large berries weighing 8-15 g, bright red in color, with a pleasant taste, with a light aroma and quite dense, which makes it possible to regard the variety as market suitable for implementation.

How to plant raspberries

However, when growing, it should be remembered that the variety forms a relatively moderate number of substitution shoots and root offspring, which not only simplifies plant care to a certain extent, but also significantly reduces the amount of quality planting material. If necessary, propagation should be carried out agropriem, allowing to increase the number of offspring.