Pear "Fun": description of the variety, rules for pruning and preparing for winter

Pear "Fun": description of the variety, rules for pruning and preparing for winter

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The Zabava pear variety was bred by Belarusian breeders and belongs to the category of popular autumn ripening varieties. This variety, known today by both experienced and novice gardeners, was obtained as a result of work on crossing pears "Aleksandrovka" and "Beloved Klappa". The variety is medium-resistant and average yields with proper care reach 15 t / ha.

In subsequent years, the central conductor should be cut by a quarter, and the growth of the four lateral skeletal shoots must be directed at a slope of 45 degrees. The growth of branches with already formed ovaries should be directed horizontally.

The annual fall pruning is sanitary: all damaged and diseased, as well as excess branches are removed and burned.

Summer pruning should be as gentle as possible and involves minimal interference with the growth and development of the fruit tree. Such pruning should be done only if there is a significant number of actively growing shoots.

After trimming, all sections of the slices are necessarily carefully processed by garden var.

Preparing the plant for winter

Like most heat-loving orchards, the Zabava pear needs the most competent and timely preparation for the winter period. It is necessary to remove absolutely all dried or rotten fruits that still remain after harvesting on the branches. In addition, it is required to clear the garden area of ​​the entire scavenger, which can cause the spread of dangerous diseases of fruit plantations.

The insufficiently studied winter hardiness of the variety makes it necessary to carry out activities that insulate and strengthen the plant's immunity. The root system of the pear is more susceptible to the aggressive effects of frost, and therefore, in dry weather, it is necessary to moisten the soil abundantly. Fertilizing can significantly increase winter hardiness. For the most effective protection of fruit trees from hares and mice, you need to paint and then cover the plant with a regular burlap or fir spruce.

Reviews and recommendations of gardeners

According to the observation of summer residents, the variety forms a fairly modest crop in the first years of fruiting. The productivity of garden plantings is growing relatively slowly. Pears are stored after collecting no more than three weeks.

Winter hardiness is estimated by gardeners as average. However, real indicators of winter hardiness of fruit stands of this variety in most regions of our country have not been reliably clarified. It is for this reason that experienced summer residents recommend using seedlings grafted on local, most hardy and frost-resistant varieties when cultivating the Zabava pear in home gardening in central Russia.

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