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How to get rid of an onion fly

How to get rid of an onion fly

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Good day! Share your experience on how to get rid of onion flies (onion turns yellow)?


Nashatyr. Alcohol 1 tbsp. L + calciner. Soda 1 tbsp. L + urea 1 tbsp. L + salt 1 tbsp. L manganese 2-3 crystal. Bucket 10l of water mix and pour 3 tbsp each. To every nest! It helped me!

This is a treatment when planting onions or now you can shed such a composition

And why else add urea, our alcohol is also urea, I never mix them together

This is my recipe. Gave the agronomist one.

This is when the onion turns yellow!

Please tell me, I didn’t understand, in a nest 3 cups or 3 tbsp. L

I think 3 cups, i.e. E. Very good shedding

And three glasses is not much, I will not drown him (onion)?

3 glasses in the nest!

I did it all myself. Agronomist already experienced and I believed him. All right. Then you can not water the onions for a whole week!

What time is better to handle?