The technology of growing strawberries in plastic bottles

The technology of growing strawberries in plastic bottles

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Until recently, strawberries in plastic bottles were relatively rare. However, in recent years the situation has changed, and many gardeners are happy to use this option of cultivating berry plants not only in personal plots, but also on balconies or loggias.

The feasibility and advantages of the method

If a garden or garden plot has a small area, then it is economically feasible to master the vertical arrangement of berry plants, which will not only allow a decent harvest of ripe berries, but also with the right approach to the organization, will make the beds a real decoration element.

Growing garden strawberries or strawberries in the most ordinary plastic bottles has the following advantages:

  • reduces the number of time-consuming activities such as the removal of weeds and loosening of the soil;
  • reduces the risk of crop diseases and reduces the number of plant sprayings used for the prevention of diseases;
  • improves the aesthetics of the site and contributes to the creation of an unusual, original style of fencing or construction;
  • significantly saves the usable area of ​​the site.

Of course, such a cultivation of garden strawberries has some disadvantages that it is desirable to take into account in the process of berry cultivation:

  • the root system of strawberries may lack nutrition, due to the small amount of planting soil;
  • the soil in the container dries faster and needs more frequent and plentiful irrigation measures;
  • the lack of mobility of such structures quite often causes freezing of strawberry bushes in the winter.

However, the use of drip irrigation system, the use of hydrogel, more complete and frequent feeding, as well as the transfer of containers with structures in the fall to a relatively warm room can quickly and effectively eliminate the shortcomings of strawberry cultivation in bottles. Thus, creating a lightweight design based on ordinary plastic bottles, you can even get a very good harvest of fresh berries on the balcony.

Strawberries in plastic bottles

Grade selection

The growing demand for the cultivation of berry crops using small vertical structures is associated not only with the possibility of saving the territory of the infield and decorative beds, but also with the appearance on the market of planting material of varieties suitable for this type of cultivation.

Grade nameGrade characteristicsGrade Features
"Queen Elizabeth II"The berries are large, juicy, bright red, with a pronounced sour tasteHigh productivity, long repeated fruiting
SuprimBerries weighing up to 40 g, dark red, elongated, sweet, fragrantSelf-pollinating and high-yielding variety
"Homemade delicacy"Berries of deep dark red color, excellent taste, up to 5 cm in diameterThe most compact root system
"Kama"Berries of a very dark color, dense structure, making them suitable for long-term storageOne of the best varieties for making jam
ClearyThe berries are very attractive, aligned, sweet and sour tasteOne of the earliest varieties
"Darselect"Very large berries of brick red color, weighing up to 70-80 g. The taste of pulp is classic for strawberriesIt has a high yield and sufficient resistance to major diseases
"Florence"The plant is powerful, non-spreading, with a large number of mustaches. The berry is large, weighing up to 35 g, regular conical shape, intense red colorHarvested is suitable for long-term storage and transportable

Production and placement options for seats

Using strawberry plastic bottle containers for planting strawberries is a very economical option. When fastening containers on a grid or poles, you can get an attractive bed. These ridges are modular designs, therefore, the height and width can be varied by the gardener at will. It is most convenient to use containers with a volume of 2-2.5 liters. Wash them thoroughly and remove the labels, and then cut them in half across. The throat part with a loose screw cap must be inserted into the lower half and filled with a fertile soil mixture. Another good option is to use a bottle with a rectangular hole cut out on the side and drainage holes on the opposite side. To fasten such containers, it is best to use a strong wire.

When choosing the location of vertical plastic ridges, it should be possible to seamlessly carry out fairly frequent irrigation measures, as well as good illumination throughout the growing season and the absence of gusty wind. For the normal development of the strawberry bush, a height of about 28-30 cm is sufficient, taking into account this, six tiers are comfortably placed on a support two meters high.

Landing Features

It is advisable to use ready-made fertile soil intended for growing flower and berry crops. If you use land from your own garden plot, you should pay attention to its quality composition, as well as conduct the most effective disinfection.

In containers made of plastic bottles cut across, you can plant no more than one bush of garden strawberries. The location of the landing container horizontally makes it possible to plant two plants in a bottle. A more thickened planting has a bad effect on the health of strawberries and provokes a sharp decrease in yield.

Growing technology

There are no special requirements for the care of plants with this method of cultivation. Garden strawberries need to carry out standard measures aimed at conducting irrigation, top dressing and preventive spraying.

PeriodWateringTop dressingPrevention
SpringAbundant, fully soaking earthen lump in the container. Prior to the extension of the peduncles, sprinkling is allowedSpecial top dressing called "For strawberries and strawberries" or any complex mineral fertilizers with a sufficient nitrogen contentBefore the start of the growing season, it is recommended to spray the plants with 3-4% Bordeaux liquid
SummerAbundant, completely impregnating soil in a container, directly under the root of the plantIn early June, fertilizing with ammonium nitrate at the rate of 20 g / m2 or nitrofos at the rate of 20-40 g / m2Spraying with infusions of wormwood and tobacco or before flowering with Metaxil, Ridomil or Quadrice
AutumnAbundant, fully soaking earthen lump in the container, directly under the root of the plantIn September, approximately 0.5 l of bird droppings infusion with wood ash is added to each bush. You can use green fertilizerSpraying with the drug "Ordan"

Gardeners reviews

In general, gardeners positively assess the method of growing strawberries, or garden strawberries, in hanging plastic bottles and reviews about the effectiveness of this method of cultivation of berry plants are good. However, you should carefully consider such nuances as the need for more frequent and high-quality top dressing, as well as the most plentiful and regular watering of the crop, due to the limited nutrition area.

Harvest strawberries: varieties, planting dates

The ease of care for strawberries on plastic ridges can save a lot of time for gardeners. In addition, such containers can be used repeatedly, and not only on the infield, but also at home, when growing a berry culture on the balcony.