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How to collect strawberry seeds

How to collect strawberry seeds

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Grew several strawberries for seeds. Now she plucked, ceased in the water, and the seeds did not separate. How to collect seeds?


I picked out with tweezers

In a blender, grind the berries of water add, drain through cheesecloth

I crushed a couple of berries with a fork, added some water in the saucer, and with my hands I gently knead additionally with my fingers. Groping for seeds, they all felt carefully. Then she put a rag tight and in a sieve. Slightly carefully spilled water. I shook everything out on a saucer and set it on a window in the sun. After 30 minutes, everything stuck to the saucer. With dry fingers we drive along the saucer, the seeds fall off, and the rest, all unnecessary, remains dried up on the saucer. All your seeds are ready. I put them on a paper napkin and in a box (do not close the lid yet. While everything is in the shade on the window. In the future, I will put it in a cabinet for storage. Covering the box with a lid.

How to collect seeds.

I cut it gently with a blade and spread it on a sheet of paper. The flesh dries, only seeds remain.

Today, lower from someone, I signed up for a strawberry subscription. There is advice: Pour all this crumpled berry-water mass into a container with earth and under a bag. Water will be absorbed, and the seeds will sprout after a while. We are growing. As always, and by the fall into the ground. Linen. Do you have a special grade?

Do I understand correctly that they can now be sown?

I understand that. Look at my page in groups. I signed “Strawberry and everything about her. “

Yes, I don’t know) I lost all the strawberries that year (so I bought a different local one) now I select the largest berries for seeds)

+ mustache. I temporarily live in a city. There is an opportunity to buy seedlings of famous varieties. Although this year, planted and seeds. Still sprouted seeds are small. But strawberries grow well.

Olga, I also do, with a knife I cut seeds with a thin layer of pulp from a berry, rub it with a finger on a sheet of paper, after drying I collect seeds