White strawberry "White Swede": characteristics of the variety and reviews of gardeners

White strawberry "White Swede": characteristics of the variety and reviews of gardeners

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Strawberry "White Swede" is a unique large-fruited variety of garden strawberries, which is distinguished by unusual white berries. White varieties so far are only becoming popular among gardeners and gardeners in Russia and are currently berry exotic.

Grade characteristics

Strawberry "White Swede" of medium maturity forms compact bushes with vertically directed leaves of dark green color. Mustache education is moderate. The berries are beautiful, large enough, regular conical shape, white with a pale pink barrel. The average weight of the berry is 20-23 g, but subject to growing technology can increase significantly. The pulp is tender, with a harmonious sweet and sour taste, pleasant strawberry aroma with notes of pineapple or mulberry. Berries are considered ripe when dark red seeds appear on them.

The variety has winter and drought resistance, easily tolerates prolonged thaws with subsequent sharp cooling. "White Swede" is suitable for cultivation in the southern regions with high temperature conditions. Strawberries are resistant to major strawberry diseases and unattractive to birds.

Seeding Rules

Strawberry "White Swede", or Swede, can be grown in seedling by seed. Sowing is carried out from mid-February to mid-March. It is better to use ready-made soil, intended for growing seedlings of flower crops or indoor floriculture. It is optimal to use a home mini-greenhouse filled with prepared and moistened soil.

Strawberry "White Swede": features of the variety

On top of the soil, stratified seed material is sown. Seeds cannot be sprinkled with soil. Before seedlings appear, it is necessary to strictly monitor the soil moisture and periodically spray it from a household spray.

Shoots appear after about a month at room temperature and require strict adherence to ventilation and lighting. Seedlings with two true leaves need to be dived into separate seedling pots, filled with moist soil mixture. Ready for planting seedlings are strong, healthy and have at least five true leaves.

Features of disembarkation

The best time for planting garden strawberries for a permanent place in the open ground is spring. For the variety "White Swede" well-lit areas are suitable without waterlogging and shading. The soil should be loose, fertile, neutral, with a high level of breathability.

Garden strawberries grow poorly and bear fruit on soils with a significant salt content. For this reason, it is better to apply chemical fertilizers to the soil no later than a couple of weeks before planting the plants in a permanent place. A month before planting, dig the soil, mulch and make basic organic fertilizers. If the soil did not fertilize during the autumn period, then it is recommended to add rotted manure, humus and wood ash to the planting holes.

Strawberry bushes "White Swede" are very compact, their average height is 15-20 cm, so the optimal planting density is ten seedlings per square meter. In a pre-marked row, they dig quite large landing holes, relatively deep and wide, at a distance of no more than 20 cm from each other. Soil in the holes should be sufficiently moistened. When landing, you need to ensure that the "heart" (growth point) remains on the surface. After planting, the plants are abundantly watered with warm water, and the soil around the strawberry bushes is mulched with sawdust, hay or a special breathable non-woven material.

Growing technology

Variety "White Swede" is responsive to care and forms the maximum yield in conditions of high agricultural technology. Strawberry watering can be carried out in various ways, but the most effective and modern is drip irrigation.

The main care measures also include top dressing. At the same time, chlorine-containing mineral fertilizers cannot be used. The optimal mixture is considered, which is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp. l ammonium sulfate and 2 tbsp. mullein on 10 liters of water.

In late autumn, prepare strawberries for winter. In the middle zone of Russia and the northern regions of the plant for the winter should be covered with mulch or spruce branches.

Gardeners reviews

The pulp of white strawberry "White Swede" does not contain an allergy-causing protein, therefore, berries of this variety can be used for diet and baby food. The taste qualities of strawberries have the highest ratings. Reviews gardeners indicate the high resistance of the "White Swede" to many diseases and various adverse weather and climatic conditions. The variety can bear fruit throughout the season, almost to the very frosts.

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