Peach "Golden Anniversary": variety description and pest protection

Peach "Golden Anniversary": variety description and pest protection

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The Golden Jubilee peach was American breeders a little less than a century ago and in the post-war years was included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the North Caucasus Region. Upon receipt of this variety, Elberta and Greensboro varieties were used as the parent line. The variety description characterizes it as suitable for home gardening.

Plant Variety Description

Golden Jubilee peach trees are medium-sized with a wide-spreading crown. Fruiting occurs in the third year after planting in a permanent place. Flowering is observed in medium terms, flower buds are laid in moderation. The flowers themselves are bell-shaped, of a very beautiful dark pink color.

The fruits are large, weighing 135-145 g, broadly oval in shape with a rounded apex. Covered with golden yellow skin of medium density, with slightly pronounced pubescence and a pronounced dark carmine blush. The pulp is bright orange, with a pink tint around the bone, fibrous, sweet, with a slight acidity. The stone is medium in size, easy to detach. The fruits of dessert use.

Peaches are harvested in the first decade of August. Harvested is well transported and can be stored for up to a week. Productivity is high, averaging 195-205 kg / ha. The variety is characterized by sufficient resistance to fungal infections.

Peach "Golden Anniversary": features of the variety

Pest plantation protection

A peach of the Golden Jubilee variety is quite often affected by various plant parasites in home gardening, therefore, there is a need to perform therapeutic treatment of trees:

  • at the stage of swelling of the fruit buds, plants are often attacked by weevils and aphids, the fight against which should be carried out using the "Aktara" or complex preparations Angio and Chorus at the rate of 3 g per 10 l of water;
  • after flowering, plants may be affected by the eastern moth, aphids and fruit moths, against which a tank mixture based on "Actellica", "Horus" and "Fast";
  • in the autumn-winter period, it is very important to control wintering pests by pruning and removing shoots affected by plant parasites with the obligatory processing of sections by garden varieties, as well as cleaning the bark.

To prevent peach trees from becoming infected with pests and diseases, It is recommended to timely use modern insecticides and effective fungicidal plant protection products:

  • in the early spring, it is advisable to spray garden plantings with a 1% solution of copper sulfate;
  • in May, the following treatment of peach trees with a solution of a well-proven drug "Topsin M";
  • at the stage of active formation of ovaries, highly effective means of protecting fruit stands are used, such as Abiga Peak, Delan or "Soon."

A very important condition for the high effectiveness of preventive treatments and other protective measures is the timely removal of scavenger and leaves from plants and around the trunk circles in the autumn, followed by loosening of the soil. Compliance with the technology of growing fruit crops enhances the immunity of plants and allows them to withstand damage from major diseases and pests.

Reviews and recommendations

When cultivated in the middle zone of Russia, one should bear in mind the insufficient frost resistance of the variety. At the stage of full-fledged consumer ripeness, the fruits can fall off the trees. Harvested crops do not have high indicators of transportability. (previously it was said that transportability is good) With insufficiently high agricultural technology, a sharp decrease in productivity is observed, and the quality of the fruits is also severely affected. For this reason, the variety is not recommended for cultivation by beginners and inexperienced gardeners.

How to prune a two year old peach

Despite some shortcomings, in general, the Golden Anniversary peach has earned very good reviews from experienced summer residents. It is noted that the fruits have a fairly dense, non-fibrous pulp. A very attractive elongated fruit shape was praised. The main advantages of the variety of gardeners include the high taste and marketability of the fruit, as well as the versatility of the harvest. According to many years of observation, garden plants of this variety are rarely affected by powdery mildew.