Potato Tiras: one of the best Ukrainian varieties

Potato Tiras: one of the best Ukrainian varieties

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Red-skinned potato "Tiras" belongs to the popular table varieties and is able to form a high yield crop of root crops in 55-65 days. This variety was bred in Ukraine, at the Institute of Potato Production of NAAS and registered in 2004.

Morphological features

The plant is recommended to be placed on planting areas after growing perennial and annual grasses, winter crops, legumes and flax. Potato cancer resistance is very high. The variety is relatively resistant to damage by stem nematode and common scab. The originator claimed high resistance to tubers rust.

Economic and biological characteristics

Potato Tiras forms oval-shaped root crops with superficial eyes and pinkish skin. The pulp is white, with a starch content of 12.5-14.5%. The average weight of a commodity tuber can vary from 116 to 140 g. The palatability of this type of potato on a tasting scale is estimated at 3.5 points. A feature of the variety is the very rapid formation of tubers of an almost perfect, aligned shape.

Planting potatoes

Potatoes of the Ukrainian Tiras selection are relatively unpretentious varieties that show good yield even on insufficiently enriched soils. You can get the highest quality and highest yield of potatoes when cultivated on light, quickly warm and fertile soil, observing the following landing rules:

  • potatoes should be planted at a temperature of at least + 5-6 ° C, and when cultivated on heavy soils or in more northern regions, you should wait until the temperature indicators are set at + 6-8 ° C;
  • planting of early Tiras potatoes is best placed from north to south;
  • in the aisles, a distance of at least 0.7 m should be left, and in the rows between tubers at least 0.3 m.

If planting was carried out by ungrown tubers, the first seedlings appear after about three weeks. When growing potatoes by planting sprouted tubers, mass shoots appear ten days or two weeks later.

Care Features

Potato "Tiras" is not too demanding in care and is characterized by responsiveness to the implementation of basic agricultural activities.

  • To accelerate the growth of potato tubers, as well as to prevent the defeat of late blight and protect young plants from the invasion of Colorado potato beetles, it is possible by deep cultivating row-spacings and hilling seedlings when they reach a height of 15-20 cm.
  • It is advisable to carry out the earthing up of potato seedlings after heavy watering or rain.
  • At the flowering stage, the crop is laid, and potato bushes during this period experience a significant need for watering. In conditions of drought, plants should be watered rarely, but generously. Abundant finishing irrigation is performed during the flowering phase.

  • A necessary measure to care for potato plantings is top dressing, the amount of which for the season should be about three.
  • Of organic fertilizers, preference should be given to rotted manure, chicken manure or green fertilizer, which are applied in a liquid state.
  • Potatoes are very sensitive to chlorine, so fertilizer such as potassium salt should be applied under the main treatment.
  • Mulching with humus, rotted sawdust or needles immediately after flowering gives a good result.

To increase productivity and protect potatoes from the degeneration characteristic of any vegetatively propagated vegetable crops, you should carefully consider the purchase of seeds and timely replace the planting material.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato Tiras is characterized by many experienced potato growers and amateur vegetable growers as an excellent variety, very beautiful, productive, competitive. The plant blooms very beautifully. Caring for this kind of potato is simple and consists in fertilizing fertilizers, weed control, as well as hilling potato bushes.

According to the reviews of potato growers, the technological productivity of the variety reaches 210 kg / ha one and a half months after emergence, and at the end of the growing season it is possible to collect 460 kg / ha of large, salable tubers. In the middle zone of Russia, the period from germination to technical maturity is from 82 to 85 days. Unpretentiousness and high quality characteristics make the Tiras variety popular not only at home, but also in our country.

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