Carrot "Nantes": features of cultivation

Carrot "Nantes": features of cultivation

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"Nantes" carrot belongs to the category of the most famous and popular vegetable crops in our country. This variety of mid-season carrots was obtained by Soviet breeders in the war years. From full seedlings to harvesting takes about 80-100 days.

In addition to this well-known variety, attention was attracted to a similar variety called "Nantes improved", developed by the specialists of the All-Russian Research Institute for Selection and Seed Production of Vegetable Crops.

Grade characteristics

Despite the fact that "Nantes" and "Nantes improved" are different varieties, they have a large number of common characteristics, and their descriptions are very similar.

Grade nameDescription of the root cropDestinationFeaturesProductivity
NantesWeights up to 100 g, cylindrical, 14-16 cm long, orange in color, with juicy, delicate pulp, characterized by a high content of caroteneFor fresh consumption and for processing. The increased content of carotene in root crops makes them indispensable for children's and therapeutic nutritionCommercial quality is high, excellent keeping qualityTotal yield of at least 6.5 kg / m2
Nantes EnhancedAverage weight up to 90-160 g, cylindrical, bright orange in color, with juicy and sweet pulpFor fresh consumption and processing, as well as freezingStable yield, long-term storageTotal yield of at least 5-7 kg / m²

Sowing Features

Sowing pre-planted seeds of carrots is recommended when the probability of spring return frost is minimal, and the soil warms up well and evenly. When choosing a site for planting carrots, it should be remembered that this vegetable crop does not tolerate even short-term waterlogging. Ridges should be about 35 cm in height and located in a well-lit place.

In areas with dense, poorly cultivated soils, irregular-shaped root crops grow, very often branch out, and the yield and quality of carrots drop sharply, so when digging, humus and peat should be added. When enriching the soil, dung humus can be replaced with compost, cleaned of weed seeds.

The best precursors for carrots are cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes and onions. It is not recommended to plant carrots on ridges after growing parsley, carrots or beans.

Care Activities

In order for the crop to be rich and high-quality, it is necessary to observe a number of rules for caring for a vegetable crop:

  • water the carrots should be moderate, but regularly, at least once every ten days at the rate of 6-8 liters of water per square meter;
  • carrots are recommended to be fed mineral fertilizers a couple of times per season;
  • about 10 g of urea, 25 g of superphosphate and 15 g of potassium salt are added per square meter of ridge;
  • systematic weeding and loosening of soil between the rows allow you to get the highest quality crop;
  • spraying with folk remedies helps to protect carrot plantings from the most common diseases and pests of this vegetable crop.

Harvesting carrots should be completed no later than the third decade of September, which will allow you to get root crops with good keeping quality.

Carrot "Nantes": features of the variety

Reviews gardeners

Both carrots - Nantes and Nantes Enhanced - are ideal for year-round use. and, according to gardeners, they are characterized by simply excellent indicators for the duration of storage. The core of carrots of these varieties is very small, almost imperceptible. Varieties are highly appreciated for the lack of a tendency to flowering and unpretentiousness in cultivation. A feature of the variety "Nantes improved" is a high yield combined with insufficient resistance to disease, therefore, timely preventive measures are necessary.

"Nantes" and "Nantes improved" are very plastic varieties and are recommended for cultivation in all regions of our country.