Pear "Children's": distinctive features of the variety

Pear "Children's": distinctive features of the variety

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Pear "Children" refers to the early summer varieties bred by specialists of VSTISP. This variety was obtained as a result of crossbreeding using interspecific hybrid form No. 8 and the popular variety “Duchess summer” by breeders Yu. A. Petrov and N. V. Efimova. Pear of this variety is zoned in the Central region and is widespread in private gardens, as well as in many household plots in our country.

Grade description

A pear of the Detskaya variety forms plants with a pyramidal crown, which is formed by powerful, but rather few shoots. The main fruiting focuses on quite often located gloves. The shoots of this variety are quite thick, straight-growing, beige-brown in color. The foliage is medium in size, smooth, with raised small-banded edges.

The fruits of the "Pear" are average. The standard mass of marketable fruit is at least 60 g. The shape of the fruit is short-pear-shaped, they have an uneven surface. The main color is light yellow, with a pinkish-orange blush at the stage of full ripeness. The pulp of a ripe fruit has a cream color, it is quite juicy and sweet. The taste of pears is rated as excellent. In terms of fruit ripening, this variety belongs to the early summer.

Gardeners reviews

Pear "Children" refers to the variety of summer species. It was widely used in home gardening in the Moscow Region and neighboring regions. The description of the variety characterizes it as characterized by extended aging. The fruits ripen gradually, from late July to mid-August.

Ripe fruits, according to amateur gardeners, are not only very tasty and good for fresh consumption, but also proved to be excellent in processing. Harvested crops can be stored for a month in an ordinary refrigerator.

Pear: planting and care

The variety is among the undemanding and therefore is popular with beginner gardeners and summer residents. Fruiting pear enters approximately the fifth year of life. The advantage of this variety is a good and regular yield with a minimum of required care.

According to numerous reviews by gardeners in central Russia, winter hardiness in adult trees is quite high. Among other things, the Pear "Children's" belongs to the category of resistant and is rarely affected by major fungal diseases, which reduces the need for chemical remedies. The disadvantages of the variety are the small size of the fruit, as well as the need to regularly and competently form the crown of plants.

Pest protection

For a pear of the "Children's" variety, the defeat of the most common pests of fruit stands is not too characteristic. Nevertheless, a visual inspection of the trees is required, as well as carry out preventive treatments:

  • Green aphids produce sweetish secretions that contribute to the development of sooty fungi. The first treatment of plants from this parasite must be done with the Kinmix preparation before budding. For the second spraying before flowering, Agravertin is used, and the third treatment at the ovary stage is carried out by Iskra.
  • Pear moth caterpillars infect the fruit pulp. It is possible to prevent massive damage to fruiting trees using the same preparations: Agravertin, Kinmiks and Iskra.
  • Pear tinnitus, or leaf flea, sucks out cell sap from plants, and also provokes damage by sooty fungi. In addition to modern insectofungicides, folk remedies have a good effect: a yarrow decoction with the addition of tobacco dust, as well as an infusion of dandelion or ordinary pharmacy chamomile.
  • Very good performance have special hunting belts, which should be located on the stem of a fruit tree.

In the spring, an effective preventive measure is spraying plants with a solution of colloidal sulfur and treating fruit stands with the Cymbush preparation. It is very important to timely clean and disinfect wounds on fruit trees with a one percent solution of copper sulfate, followed by their treatment with garden var.

Along with prophylactic spraying, Ecoberin or Zircon solutions give a good effect, which can increase the resistance of plants to the most common diseases and the main adverse weather factors in the cultivation region. Pear variety "Children's" requires care, but even beginner gardeners are quite capable of it. If you choose this plant for planting and make the proper efforts to grow it, then in the end you will get a good harvest, consisting of sweet and juicy fruits.

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