Cucumber "Real Colonel f1": a description of the variety and features of agricultural technology

Cucumber "Real Colonel f1": a description of the variety and features of agricultural technology

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The precocious partenocarpic hybrid "The Real Colonel" from the agricultural company "Manul" is included in the State Register and is intended for cultivation in garden plots, in home gardens and small farms using film shelters.

Grade description

The hybrid form is characterized by friendly harvesting and the simultaneous pouring of a large number of fruits. The main advantage that distinguishes the cucumber "True Colonel f1" is its high yield. The bush is powerful, medium-braided, ovary bunch. The leaves are medium sized, slightly wrinkled, green, even along the edge. The fruiting phase occurs a month and a half after germination.

"Real Colonel" is a parthenocarpic hybrid of mid-early ripening. The fruits are intended for the preparation of salads, as well as salting and canning, which is explained by high taste and marketability. Fruits have a length of 7-9.5 cm and a mass of 85-110 g. The shape is cylindrical. The surface of the fruits is spiky. A fairly thin skin has a white pubescence. The pulp of ripe green greens is very juicy, crunchy, without voids and bitterness.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cucumbers "True Colonel f1" have the following growing advantages:

  • the plant is resistant to cladosporiosis and tolerant to downy mildew;
  • high and stable productivity of 10-13.5 kg / sq. m .;
  • excellent taste of fresh and canned fruits;
  • friendly return of the crop;
  • predominantly female type of flowering;
  • cucumbers on the plant do not outgrow;
  • universal purpose of the fruit;
  • medium branching for easy maintenance.

The hybrid form grows well and bears fruit abundantly in spring greenhouses, tunnels, and on ridges of open ground.

Cucumber "Real Colonel f1": features of the variety

Landing Features

You can grow a hybrid form not only in seedlings, but also by direct sowing in open ground. However, when growing in seedlings, Zelentsy ripens almost two weeks earlier than when sowing seeds. When cultivated by direct sowing, the seeding dates for cucumbers are selected so that emergence does not occur during the last spring frosts. The basic rules of agricultural technology when sowing cucumbers in open ground are as follows:

  • this vegetable crop is best sown after growing plants such as cabbage, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, peppers or carrots;
  • soil on cucumber ridges should not be heavy or have an acid reaction, it should be thoroughly moistened before sowing;
  • to improve the quality of the soil can be made by adding 7 kg of rotted manure to each square meter of soil;
  • cucumbers should be sown in shallow furrows with a distance between furrows of 0.7 m and a distance between seeds of 7 cm.

It is recommended to grow cucumbers in a trellis way, which improves the growth and development of the plant, and also facilitates the implementation of basic care activities. For faster germination and protection of seedlings from low temperatures, cover the cucumber bed with a transparent film. The implementation of proper care in the future will increase yield and have a beneficial effect on the duration of fruiting.

Care Rules

Hybrid forms of cucumbers are characterized by a significant number of female flowers, which significantly increases the overall yield. The main care activities are:

  1. The frequency and volume of irrigation when growing cucumbers on ridges of open ground should depend on the amount of natural rainfall, in greenhouses irrigation measures should be carried out about three times a week using warm water.
  2. During the period of active development of cucumber shoots and leaves, the need of plants for nitrogen fertilizers increases, in the flowering and ovary phase, cucumbers need fertilizing with phosphorus, and at the stage of mass fruiting, fertilizing with high-quality potassium and nitrogen fertilizers.
  3. Preventive spraying should not be neglected. For this purpose, you can use not only chemicals, but also folk remedies, among which the spraying of cucumbers with serum or a mixture of serum and copper sulfate shows high efficiency. The ash solution also gives a very good protective effect. As a manufacturing product, it is recommended to use the biological product "Fitosporin".
  4. As a compacting culture in open ground, it is advisable to plant a garden salad, which is able to significantly minimize the need to use chemical remedies for cucumbers.

During the first feeding, it is recommended to add urea to the mullein solution, and at the flowering and ovary formation phase, the addition of potash and phosphorus fertilizers, as well as ordinary wood ash, gives a good result.

In open ground conditions, cucumbers are grown without formation, and the process of pinching plants is carried out without affecting the main lash and side shoots.

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Reviews of gardeners

Cucumbers "Real Colonel f1" have positive reviews. The hybrid form is precocious and is available for cultivation both in the open ground and in greenhouse conditions. Productivity is always high, the crop is plentiful: on each plant a lot of smooth and beautiful green leaves ripen.

How to grow cucumbers on a trellis

However, gardeners when growing this hybrid should remember that it is quite sensitive to irrigation regime violations. As a result of a lack or excess of moisture, the ovaries fall, deformation of greenhouses and a general decrease in yield. In addition, it was noted that in greenhouse conditions, cucumbers of this hybrid form are prone to overgrowth. But on the ridges of open ground, even under bad weather conditions, it is possible to get an excellent crop of even, small greenery.