Growing German mid-season potatoes "Romance"

Growing German mid-season potatoes "Romance"

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Potato "Romance" from the originator "Norika" is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is recommended for cultivation in the North-West region. This German mid-season potato belongs to the category of table varieties.

Grade characteristics

Potato bushes grow medium or high, semi-upright, intermediate growth type. The leaves are medium in size, closed or intermediate type, mainly dark green. The edge of the leaf plate is characterized by slight waviness. Floral corollas of medium or large size, painted in reddish-purple.

Root crops of oval shape, with the presence of very small eyes that do not spoil the marketability of potatoes. The tubers are covered with a smooth or slightly rough red skin. The pulp has a light yellow, closer to cream, staining. The average weight of one commodity tuber can vary from 80 to 156 g. The average starch content of pulp does not exceed 14.8%.

The palatability of this potato variety is very good. The marketability of tubers is 83-96%. Tuber shelf life at 96%. The average indicators of marketable yield with proper care reach 332 c / ha, and in conditions of high agricultural technology they can be at the level of 366 c / ha. The average number of tubers per bush is 14-18 pieces.

The variety is characterized by resistance to the pathogen of potato cancer, and also has nematode resistance. Increased drought tolerance and heat resistance of the variety are observed.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Landing rules

Potatoes "Romance" compares favorably with their plasticity to soil and climatic conditions and grows well on all types of soils. The variety shows a high yield while observing planting technology:

  • special attention must be paid to strict observance of the timing of planting correctly prepared and high-quality seed material;
  • it is necessary to sort out all the seed potatoes, remove small and deformed tubers, and also check the planting material for diseases and parasites;
  • in the germination room, the temperature regime should be 10-12 ° C, and the process of landscaping in the light should take about a month;

  • it is advisable to process the planting material with modern insecticidal fungicides with high efficiency, among which the Kruizer, Prestige, Fitosporin-M and Alirin-B preparations are especially noteworthy;
  • spraying the bottom of the furrow or the planting hole during planting of potato tubers is carried out by means of "Thunder" at the rate of 30 g / 10 m2 and Force.

It should be borne in mind that such a vegetable crop as potatoes needs good drainage, that is, sufficient aeration to breathe the root system, therefore, in the process of preparing the soil for planting, measures should be taken to improve the physicochemical properties of the soil. After digging and fertilizing, the landing area should be leveled with a rake or harrow.

Care Features

Potato "Romance" is quite unpretentious, but it is characterized by a high level of responsiveness to proper care and timely fulfillment of all the requirements of agricultural technology.

  1. This variety responds very well to the introduction of high doses of both mineral and organic fertilizers during the initial growing season. It is best to use high quality manure as fertilizer. Doses of its application depend on the soil and climatic conditions in the region of cultivation of vegetable crops, as well as on the applied agricultural technology.
  2. The variety is very responsive to irrigation events and especially needs watering at the stages of budding and flowering. It is at these stages that the future crop is laid - tubers are formed.
  3. Of particular importance is the regular removal of weeds, as well as carrying out shallow loosening of the soil between the rows. To reduce the time for loosening and weeding, it is recommended to mulch the plantings.
  4. Preventive spraying from pests and diseases is carried out several times a season. Of greatest importance is the protection against late blight. The first spraying with "Revus" or "Mancozeb" during the growing season is carried out when the first signs of the disease appear, and subsequent similar procedures are carried out with an interval of 7-14 days.
  5. The removal of tops is carried out approximately 12-15 days before harvesting, which contributes to the faster formation of tubers.

Potato growers reviews

Potato "Romance" has good taste, mostly solid texture after cooking. Tubers are characterized by poor digestibility and slight darkening as a result of cooking, but they do not darken during cleaning and cutting.

Summer residents note very uniform seedlings and the fastest growth of potato tops. Potato "Romance" is characterized by gardeners as a variety with very beautiful red tubers with excellent taste and high stability of quality indicators.

How to spud potatoes

Numerous positive reviews of gardeners allow us to evaluate the "Romance" variety as promising and suitable for growing not only in summer cottages, but also on an industrial scale.