Potato "Resource": variety description and reviews of gardeners

Potato "Resource": variety description and reviews of gardeners

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Mid-season potato "Resource" from the patent holder of the GNU "All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Management named after AG Lorch" is a well-known and popular variety of table destination. Description of the variety and quality characteristics confirm its right to be called one of the best in the territory of our country. Recommended cultivation regions are North-West, Central, Central Black Earth and Middle Volga.

Grade description

Potato "Resource" forms root crops with a smooth peel of light beige color and small eyes. Corollas of flowers of medium size, white. The shape of the root is oval, and the average weight does not exceed 136 g. The flesh is white, with a starch content of 13-16%. Ripening is average in terms of time, the period from seedlings to technical maturity is 80-85 days. The taste and preservation of the tubers are good.

Bushes form tall, erect, and highly leafy. The leaves are quite large, light green in color, the sheet plate is matte. Light shoots at the base have a characteristic bright red color with a purple tint.

The value of this variety is its high and stable yield, good resistance to viral diseases, as well as heat and drought. The variety has medium resistance to late blight of tops and tubers, and is also rarely affected by common scab. Rhizoctoniasis plant is weakly affected. Marketability of the crop is at least 85-94%. Productivity at the level of 40-45 t / ha.

How to plant potatoes

Planting potatoes

Potato varieties "Resource" should be planted in accordance with the rules for planting mid-ripening varieties. Potato yield largely depends not only on the quality of the composition and preparation of the soil, but also on the composition of the fertilizers applied, as well as compliance with measures for the care of plants. Equally important are the varietal characteristics of potatoes and the quality of the material used during planting.

For planting, it is necessary to use only varietal potatoes, which are sold by well-known agricultural companies and are resistant to cancer. Only completely healthy root crops with an average size and weight of about 50-80 g are subject to planting. Under potato planting, you need to take a well-lit, without stagnation of moisture, an elevated place. The soil should be as fertile and light as possible. It is recommended to plant potatoes on the site after growing perennial and annual herbs, winter crops, legumes and flax, on sandy soils planting after lupine gives a good result.

Potato planting times vary significantly, taking into account climatic conditions and weather factors in the region where this vegetable crop is grown. As a rule, planting Resurs potatoes in the southern regions begins in May and lasts until the last decade of June. In the regions located to the north, it is recommended to shift the landing dates by at least a couple of weeks. The sowing pattern is 60 x 35 cm when the seed tubers are deepened by 8-10 cm.

Care Features

Potato "Resource" is relatively demanding to care and is characterized by good responsiveness to high agricultural technology.

  1. Root crops planted in open ground begin to germinate at a temperature of + 3-5 ° C, but with such indicators, very weak growth and development of the kidneys without the formation of a root system is observed.
  2. In order for the root germination to be activated correctly, enough moisture is contained in the mother tuber, and only optimal temperature indicators are needed for development.
  3. This variety is quite demanding on moisture. The greatest amount of water is necessary for the plant during the period of mass flowering, including two weeks after its completion.
  4. With proper fertilizer application and normal nutrition of the plant with nitrogen-containing components, potash and phosphorus are best absorbed by potatoes.
  5. Preventive spraying of plants is carried out twice in the first half of the active growing season using modern systemic means with an interval of two weeks. The use of contact fungicides involves a couple of treatments after flowering with an interval of a week.

Approximately on the 90-100th day after planting, subject to the rules of agricultural technology, it is already possible to start collecting mid-ripening Resurs potatoes. It is important to remember that all cleaning work on the territory of the central regions of the Non-Chernozem Territory must be completed no later than October 1. In more northern regions, harvesting can continue no further than mid-September.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Potato "Resource" deservedly enjoys success with many potato growers in our country, and the seed material of this variety is very in demand. Reviews characterize the variety as one of the best in Russia. Even with insufficient care, potatoes form mainly large and beautiful tubers, there are few medium root crops in the nest, and little things are practically not observed at all. The pulp is white, with excellent taste. Potatoes are boiled fast enough. The combination of excellent characteristics of the variety allows experienced vegetable growers to recommend it for cultivation in personal plots.

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