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Cauliflower Board

Cauliflower Board

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Please advise - how to process the leaves of cauliflower? Traces appeared as if someone was eating inside. My grandmother says something that they process ordinary cabbage categorically does not fit the color. And yet, what type should not particularly bother with it, because K. The leaves do not go to food, but flowers. Is it so?

Planted in open ground (20 days ago). Watering once a day - in the evening.

I don’t have the opportunity to take pictures now, but I found on the network a photo that exactly describes my problem.


The pests of white and cauliflower are the same. Preparations for processing, respectively, the same.

Chemicals must be used very carefully.

To repel pests, ash is used. Sprinkle the earth around the plants and leaves, as well as flea radishes and other cruciferous plants.

You can use the plant celandine. Chop green leaves and stems and sprinkle cabbage and earth around. Another way: insist chopped celandine in water and spray with such an infusion.