Raspberry Miracle Tomatoes: Description and Features of Cultivation

Raspberry Miracle Tomatoes: Description and Features of Cultivation

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The Raspberry Miracle Tomatoes form very tender, sweet, with fleshy and juicy watermelon-colored pulp fruits that have an attractive raspberry color. This variety has become a recognized favorite in the vegetable market.

Grade description

Hybrid tomatoes "Raspberry Miracle" are rightfully among the best of the new varieties and hybrids from the company "Gardens of Russia". This tomato variety belongs to universal variants. This means that it can be safely grown both in open ground and in a greenhouse. Bushes of this variety are very tall, at least 2 m.

Fruits are rounded-elongated, with pronounced ribbing, crimson color. The mass of the first fruits formed on the bushes may exceed 1 kg. Subsequent fruits weigh about 300-550 g. By maturity, the hybrid is classified as mid-season.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomatoes called "Raspberry Miracle" have the following advantages, which make them favorites among most tomatoes:

  • very large and beautiful fruits;
  • fleshy, with amazing taste flesh;
  • high yield regardless of weather conditions;
  • resistance to the most common diseases;
  • lack of tendency to crack.

The fruits of this magnificent variety can be used both in salads and in the manufacture of tomato juice, mashed potatoes, pasta and other types of canning. The variety is unpretentious, and its cultivation is available even to inexperienced gardeners. Tomato "Raspberry Miracle" refers to the golden series of hybrid tomatoes.

Tomato "Raspberry Miracle": seedlings

Features of agricultural technology

Although the Raspberry Miracle tomatoes are not very demanding on the growing conditions, tall bushes and large-fruited plants imply the use of high-quality and fertile soil, which will fully satisfy the nutritional requirements of growing tomatoes.

Hybrid varieties "Raspberry miracle" is recommended to grow in seedlings. Sowing seed to obtain strong and high-quality seedlings should be carried out in March. The variety is mid-season, and the use of seedlings allows you to get an earlier and fully ripened crop. Seeds of Raspberry Miracle tomato seeds have excellent germination.

Before sowing, seed disinfection is required. When planting, the depth of laying the seed material is about 0.5-0.8 cm. At the age of two or three of these leaves, seedlings are dived.

Seedlings are planted in a permanent place after the threat of late spring frosts has passed. Hybrid can be grown both in open ground and in a greenhouse design. The first option is preferably used for southern areas.

Care Rules

The hybrid form of tomatoes with the name "Raspberry Miracle" is quite unpretentious and easily adapts to growing conditions, and The main care measures are as follows:

  • regular and plentiful watering. The use of a tape system for drip irrigation of tomato bushes gives a very good result;
  • after each irrigation, to increase the aeration indicators of the soil, shallow loosening of the soil should be carried out;
  • breeding of dry granules and superphosphate powder to feed plants;
  • the use of manure, wood ash, humus, peat, and complex preparations as fertilizers;
  • tying tall plants to supports or trellis throughout the growing season, in the process of active growth of the tomato bush;
  • timely pinching and formation of tomato bushes with pinching the growth point.

To obtain a full crop, it is recommended that the plant be formed into one, maximum two stems.

Reviews gardeners

Tomatoes "Raspberry Miracle", despite their novelty, have already become very popular and in demand among Russian gardeners. Reviews about this tomato hybrid are extremely positive, and the name fully justifies itself and allows you to get a rich harvest of large and ripe raspberry fruits. The peculiarity of this variety, which is often emphasized by gardeners, is represented by the long-term preservation of the germination of seed material.

If the seeds of other varieties and hybrids retain their germination for a maximum of ten years, then the Raspberry Miracle tomatoes easily retain a high percentage of germination after fifteen or more years. The tomato variety "Raspberry Miracle" won the Russian exhibition "Golden Autumn 2014", a gold medal was received for breeding work.

How to grow tomatoes

Analyzing the reviews of gardeners, we can conclude that this hybrid form is very worthy and is recommended for cultivation in garden plots. Many vegetable growers rightfully call these tomatoes a real miracle.