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What to do if all plants from above are treated with yeast water

What to do if all plants from above are treated with yeast water

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Gardeners! I made yeast water, as expected, and sent my husband to do labor duty) And he spilled the whole garden, except for potatoes, on top of a watering can with a diluted solution. And there is sugar ?! Do something? To water so that everything is washed away from the leaves or nothing will happen? (200 gr. Yeast * 7 liters of water + a glass of sugar, it was almost 2 days), a glass was diluted on a watering can (8-9 liters of water).


Yes, there will be nothing. I, too, watered onions from a watering can on top, a good one is worth it.

Lena, don’t panic, everything will be cool, your glass of sugar has been processed ten times in two days. I put the same proportion for a day, and watered everything from above out of ignorance. In my opinion everyone liked it. Here are parasites, well, you can’t allow them to the garden. I will not say for all, but many. Now they mow, then they can, then something else. My mows everything, and zucchini with already large zucchini. Chi got out? They are almost waist-high, fat. He said he didn’t notice. And I, damn it, grew them from seedlings. Here's how to give a head slap.

When my husband mows I go after him. He loves flowers himself, but he is so fond of that year that hosts 2 and a rose. And then she is also indignant that she’s supposedly not planted there.

Oh, these men!

Yes, everything turns out to be the same, I have the same, - I plant, he mows, but cuts down

Good husband. Caring :-). Everything will be fine. Rastyukha will be still blogary 🙂

And with a walk-behind tractor everything will be plowed over, perennial flowers.

And I even have almost 5 acres in the yard, one grass because of my husband (well, only peonies or that the first one will crawl out (as the grass went it all will cut it down and down: (this year all bush daylilies and the hen house were destroyed (planted a flower bed with marigolds just all the whole) they raised it up with a carpet) and planted mustard under the trees) otherwise it will destroy everything! and most importantly I’m starting to swear * don’t come in! don’t go in the yard! and feed this poi and take it to the house 🙁

Oh, it seems that all husbands such without supervision I do not start to mow, and you poke a finger, and still squint something. This time, mowed Jerusalem artichoke and strawberries.

Well. What. Girls, From the heart we we them?

I plant a hazel tree for the 4th year, put a bucket without a bottom this year - he pushed it aside!