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How to solve a water problem

How to solve a water problem

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We want to put a shower cabin in the house, but there is no water on the site yet. We are trying to spend the second year, so far without success. We carry water with us. The family is big, it’s very inconvenient to wash. We considered the option with a tank, but we do not understand how to install it, because the ceiling is not high. What a way out of the situation. Wait until they spend it, this may not happen in the near future. Who faced this problem, as decided?


We have solved the water problem very simply, although there is water on the site, but its gardening includes the clock.
We made a well, and from it we pump into a tank, which we put on iron supports near the house. The tank was raised to the level of the second floor, under the tank a pantry (not to disappear in the same place), from the tank they made a wiring to the house: to the kitchen and to the shower. Everything is very simple and convenient, water, by the way on a hot day, is very warm 🙂