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How to process potatoes when planting from wireworms

How to process potatoes when planting from wireworms

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Hello everyone, someone already spuds potatoes? Who processed what when landing from the wireworm?


It is too early to spud us. But when landing this year, they tried to add provotox. Let's see how much it will help

This year I also tried provotox + taboo + onion husk + ash, I do it every year and there’s still a wireworm!

Lime flour helps. Only I do not know how to use

try planting mustard for 2-3 years, and the land will benefit less and wireworm less. Remove wheat grass and deoxidize the soil.

and mustard can be planted after harvest, like green manure? Does this option help?

we have soil like asphalt ....

Well, yes, we did. In mid-September they planted it. we didn’t like it in the spring, because the flea eats mustard.

Do you know the reason?

Nope, it used to be a landfill site or some kind of field, the earth is brown, the clay is plowed out, I humbled and hummock tractor carts

I bring ash into the hole and beans, there is a wireworm, but not much

try to ask a question about the soil in a separate post, maybe someone had such a situation. And do you always bring humus from the same place or different? Can you bring a wireworm together with humus?

We have humus, cow dung, chicken from our farm. We (Perm Territory) have already been 3 years old, the first year we have sieved 5 pieces in one potato, right now less but still there!

plant green manure. 2-3 years and the earth will be better. Mustard grows 15-20 cm, cut and dig it together. The earth grows blacker and helps well from wireworms. For 3 years it has gone. It's true that the plot is smaller than yours)

Try siderat, it helped us. We also had acidic soil, we introduced dolomite flour. The earth is now like fluff.

in a hole for potatoes, a spoon (approximately) of baking soda, after three years there will be no wireworm

in autumn rye sow the earth will be softer

try to cultivate the land with a baikal. Take directly the pegs and mark where they brought the Baikal, and where not. Compare. Articles on the Internet sea.

After harvesting, I, too, have been sowing mustard immediately for several years now. The wireworm has become smaller. And if you sow mustard in the spring and fall to plow, then next year there will be no wireworm on this ridge. We have tried so. True, then he still appears. But once again I repeat: after mustard it is quite a bit!

I used birch tar

when planting, put ash in each hole, and processed potatoes with some garbage, forgot the name, I will definitely look at the name at the dacha. your land, of course, is just sadness; it seemed to me three years ago. In the autumn, she sowed oats with vetch, two days ago, she also spudded and immediately sowed mustard, and in the autumn I sow either rye or fatselia again, the earth became much better, and in the autumn before planting green manure I spill all the earth with copper sulphate and bring in dolomite. Almost no wireworm