Tender charlotte with pineapples: recipes for cooking in the oven and in the slow cooker

Tender charlotte with pineapples: recipes for cooking in the oven and in the slow cooker

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Many housewives know that home baking is an indispensable attribute of comfort and warmth in the house. Each of them has their own baking recipes, they often bake their signature pies, rolls, cakes and delight their households. And there is a category of women for whom cooking and baking is an extremely complex science, incomprehensible for mastering. However, there are such simple recipes for delicious pastries that anyone can cook, the main thing is not to be afraid and strictly follow the recipe. One of the most delicious cakes and easy to make is baking charlotte.

What is charlotte

Charlotte is a simple and easy version of a full-fledged pie. If guests unexpectedly come to you, and there is nothing left for tea at home, then charlotte will be an ideal treat. To prepare it, the simplest ingredients are required. They can always be found on the kitchen shelf. The recipe itself is very simple, so cooking this pie will take you no more than an hour. While charlotte is preparing, you can spend time with guests calmly. Charlotte consists of sweet dough and fruit filling. The classic charlotte recipe uses sour green apples, but you can use any other fruit for the filling. Some add berries and jam to the charlotte.

Choosing fruits for the filling

There are many recipes for charlotte stuffed with various fruits and berries. The best and most delicious recipe is considered classic when ordinary apples are added to it. You can experiment and try other fruits. Sweet pears, ripe bananas, juicy apricots, peaches, pineapples and berries such as strawberries, cherries or cherries (peeled) are very suitable.

What are good pineapples for filling?

If you want to decorate the table with a sweet dessert, but do not yet know what to choose for the filling, we advise you to use pineapples, canned ones will do. Pineapples give charlotte a very delicate and pleasant taste. And the aroma will fill the whole house, and everyone will want to quickly try this aromatic and tasty treat.

What is the best bake: oven or slow cooker?

First of all, you need to decide what will be more convenient for you: bake in the oven or use a slow cooker. Baking in the oven is an old and tried-and-tested method for many generations, so do not hesitate if you have a good oven in your home, then be sure to use it. Charlotte cooked in the oven always turns out to be lush, soft and fragrant. The multicooker has its advantages over the oven. Firstly, it is very simple to adjust it to the required temperature level, which can be difficult to do in ovens, especially gas ones. And secondly, many multicookers have a timer, so you don’t have to follow the time and run to the kitchen to check every 10 minutes. Charlotte with canned pineapple from a slow cooker does not differ in taste from the one baked in the oven, so choose based on your preferences.

Bake charlotte in the oven

There are many different recipes for making charlotte, but if you decide to make a pie in the oven, then follow the recipe below. You will get an airy, soft and very tasty cake.


So, for a delicious and lush charlotte, we need the following products:

  • chicken eggs, 5 pieces;
  • sugar, 1 cup (you can add less);
  • premium wheat flour, 1 cup;
  • a can of canned pineapple;
  • baking powder or soda, half a teaspoon;
  • powdered sugar with cinnamon (for decorating charlotte).

Cooking process

  1. First you need to separate the proteins from the yolks. To do this, take two deep cups and in each separate the yolks and squirrels.
  2. Then you need to thoroughly beat the proteins to obtain a lush foam, it is better to use medium power on the mixer.
  3. Add a glass of regular sugar to the resulting foam and beat well. It should turn out a lush foam of snow-white color.
  4. In a separate container, beat the whisk with the whisk and add the resulting foam to them. Stir well and add baking powder or half a teaspoon of slaked soda.
  5. A glass of sifted flour is gradually introduced into the resulting mixture and stirred until a homogeneous mass is obtained. The consistency of the mass should resemble fat sour cream.
  6. Pineapples spread on the form and fill with half the dough. The remaining pineapples are again laid out on the dough, on the second layer. Now we completely cover the layer with the second half of the dough. You can sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon, although this is not necessary, charlotte will turn out fragrant anyway.
  7. Carefully put the mold in the oven and bake the cake for 30-35 minutes, the temperature should be about 180 degrees.

A few secrets to get more delicious charlotte

  • To make the dough airy and light, you need to introduce the proteins gradually, one spoonful, and immediately stir.
  • In order to get a delicious crust, you can sprinkle a little sugar on the bottom of the baking dish.
  • Put the cake pan only in the preheated oven, so the charlotte does not stick to the bottom and does not burn.

As you can see, the recipe is quite simple and easy. With strict adherence to the instructions, the result will exceed all expectations!

Baking in a slow cooker

If you have a good multicooker with the function of baking, then you are very lucky, because the charlotte prepared in the multicooker is soft and splendid. The recipe for a pie in a multicooker is slightly different from that which is cooked in the oven, because the principles of cooking in the oven and the miracle appliance are completely different. Here is a very good recipe with a perfect mix of products.


  • eggs, 4 pieces;
  • sugar, 1 cup;
  • flour, 1.5 cups;
  • baking powder, 1 h. l .;
  • canned pineapple;
  • some butter.

Cooking Instructions

  1. We break the eggs into a deep bowl and beat well with a mixer.
  2. Add sugar and bring to a lush foam.
  3. Gradually introduce flour and baking powder, stir and get a biscuit dough, similar to thick sour cream.
  4. It is necessary to lubricate the mold with butter so that during cooking the dough does not stick to the walls of the dishes.
  5. Gently place the pineapple circles on the bottom of the form, fill with dough, put the pineapple again and then fill in the remaining dough.
  6. We put the form in the slow cooker and select the "baking" mode, set the time to 35 minutes.

Sprinkle the finished baking with powdered sugar and cut into neat pieces. Serve refreshments with freshly brewed tea. Your guests will be delighted and will definitely want to know the secret of your cake!

Charlotte with Pineapple Recipe