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Why do strawberries dry flowers and berries

Why do strawberries dry flowers and berries

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Good evening! Strawberries dry flowers and berries. What is going on, what to do? Strawberries planted the first year, in the fall.


you have to dig it out and see who eats it or a disease, rot happens

Most likely weevil tried :( It is only necessary to process folk remedies! Mustard helped me!

Tell us how you used mustard?

I took dry mustard (like 200 grams), planted it in 10 liters of water and sprayed all the bushes with a simple broom. But it’s better not to have rains for a couple of days! Read on the Internet from methods to combat weevil, there are a lot of safe things, without chemistry !!! And all about this bug !!!

Thank you so much.

And I just sprinkled mustard diligently under the bushes. The parasite sleeps during the day at the base of the bushes. It helped me.

My weevil tried so hard

and if the mustard falls on the stem of the plant, will it not burn it?

Of course not)))

Thanks for the advice, tomorrow I'll feed the parasite with mustard ...