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Calculate the number of IR heaters for a film greenhouse

Calculate the number of IR heaters for a film greenhouse

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Hello! Please help me correctly calculate the required number of infrared heaters for a film greenhouse! The dimensions of the greenhouse: length - 26 meters, width - 5 meters 60 centimeters, height in the center - 2 meters, along the edges - 1 meter 50 centimeters. The greenhouse is made of wood, the ceiling - arcs of smooth reinforcement. Coating - stabilized film with a thickness of 150 microns, and agrospan under the film on the ceiling. I searched for information myself, but did not find anything worthwhile. The wife wants the radish and pepper to be grown in the greenhouse (or as we call it a booth) earlier than the weather permits. We live in Adygea. Please help with the calculation! Thanks in advance!


IR devices are used for polycarbonate or more reliably sheltered greenhouses. For a film greenhouse, most likely IR devices will not be economical. High power consumption due to thin web. If you want to grow crops earlier, you will have to think about purchasing a polycarbonate greenhouse, as your region is known for low night temperatures even in the summer.