Strawberries "Eliane": description and features of cultivating the variety

Strawberries "Eliane": description and features of cultivating the variety

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Large-fruited early strawberries "Eliane" is one of the new and promising strawberry varieties from Dutch breeders for home gardening. The variety was bred in 1998. It is ideally suited for cultivation in a continental climate.

Description, description and photos of strawberries varieties "Elian"

Self-pollinating grade "Eliana" is characterized by a very high percentage of marketable crop of excellent quality. Plants bear fruit from late May to early July. The berries ripen very amicably, have a fairly large size, weight from 20 to 90 g, have a conical shape and a brilliant red color. The pulp is dense, bright red.

Strawberries are very tasty, with a bright strawberry aroma. From each strawberry bush, you can get 0.5-2.0 kg of ripe beautiful berries. Harvested has high rates of keeping quality: berries can be stored in the refrigerator for quite some time.

The variety has excellent winter hardiness, is immune to powdery mildew and moderately resistant to viral diseases.

Landing requirements “Eliana”

Garden strawberries "Eliana" grows well on any type of soil, but yield indicators vary depending on the level of fertility. It is best to grow strawberries of this variety in areas with light and medium in mechanical composition soil. The best soils for garden strawberries are loamy and loamy, slightly acidic. The level of acidity of the soil should be in the range of 5.0-6.5 pH.

The plot for planting garden strawberries must go through a deep digging. For each 1 m², about 5-6 kg of organic fertilizers are required, as well as about 30-35 g of mineral fertilizers. After the prepared soil has settled, the rows are marked for strawberries. The distance between the rows should be about 50-60 cm, and between plants at least 25-30 cm. This pattern of planting garden strawberries eliminates plant thickening and facilitates maintenance.

Varieties and varieties of strawberries

Care Features

Strawberry varieties "Eliane" is very responsive to quality care and compliance with all agricultural requirements.

  1. In the spring, it is necessary to inspect the strawberry bushes, remove all dried or frost-damaged leaves, and also make nitrogen-containing fertilizer with the main trace elements.
  2. For early spring preventive treatment of plants and soil around strawberry bushes, it is recommended to use a 1% solution of Bordeaux fluid or colloidal sulfur, which will prevent the development of fungal infections.
  3. To mulch the soil around the berry bushes, it is advisable to use peat, humus, straw or other suitable natural materials.
  4. About seven days before mass flowering, strawberry bushes need to be treated with Inta-Vir or a solution based on the Trichodermin drug.
  5. Watering is carried out as necessary, with warm water. Strong waterlogging provokes damage to the berries with gray mold.
  6. After watering, strawberry bushes can be fed using a solution of mullein or green grass fertilizer.

Berries are picked in the morning, about three times a week or more often, depending on crop yields.

In the autumn period, you should conduct an inspection of berry plantings and perform standard fertilizing with complex fertilizers. Sick, old and dry leaves and peduncles are subject to removal. When stable frost sets in, the bushes should be mulled and covered for the winter.

Gardeners reviews

The variety of garden strawberries "Eliana" was highly appreciated by gardeners in our country. Sufficient resistance to winter frosts and suitability for transportation makes the variety very popular. It is noted that the collected berries retain good appearance and taste, even when stored in a normal room for five days.

The variety is absolutely not picky about climatic conditions and soil composition and, according to gardeners, with proper care, it is almost not affected by gray mold. Rarely enough, attacks on strawberry ticks are observed. In addition, strawberries "Eliana" fruit well and abundantly in the same place for about eight years without reducing yield and quality of berries.

The variety is universal as in cultivation, and in the use of harvested berries, and is also optimal for industrial cultivation. Strawberry "Eliana" is grown, including for export, which indicates its high quality.

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