Potato "Miranda": a new competitive variety

Potato "Miranda": a new competitive variety

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Potato "Miranda" is included in the State Register for cultivation in the Middle Volga region. This early ripe variety is bred by foreign breeders. Potato cultivars "Miranda" from the originator Saka Pflanzenzucht GBR is promising for cultivation in household plots and in small farms.

Grade description

Variety "Miranda" refers to the early: forms a crop in 65-75 days. Potato bushes low or medium height. They are characterized by an intermediate type, semi-upright. Corolla medium in size, white. Leaves are most often medium-sized, but can be large. The total yield is 113-322 kg / ha.

Oval-shaped root vegetables have a smooth yellow peel. The eyes on the roots are very small. The average weight of one tuber can vary from 92 to 175 g. The pulp is light yellow in color. The starch content is approximately 16.2%. "Miranda" - a table variety, has excellent taste and high commercial qualities.

The resistance of this variety to the pathogen of potato cancer common in our country, as well as the golden potato cyst-forming nematode, is quite high.

Landing Features

Potato "Miranda" is an early variety, and to get as early as possible, but high-quality vegetable products must take into account a number of features during planting and further cultivation:

  1. Before planting potato tubers, it is recommended to germinate in the light, and then grow using a moist substrate, in which it is desirable to add mineral fertilizers.
  2. For planting any varieties of early potatoes, including the Miranda variety, preference should be given to the southern and elevated side of the garden.
  3. The planting density of prepared potato tubers largely depends on the indicators of fertility and soil moisture, as well as varietal characteristics. However, most experts recommend planting early potatoes quite tightly.
  4. In the middle zone of Russia, it is customary to plant early-grade potatoes when the soil is heated to + 8 ° C. The average depth indicators can vary from 8 to 15 cm, depending on the density of the soil and the size of the planting material.

How to grow potatoes from seeds

Care Tips

From planting to harvesting, the potato field on which early potatoes are grown should be kept clean from weeds and as loose as possible. Besides, it is necessary to observe the following agrotechnical requirements throughout the growing season:

  • deep loosening of potato plantings in rows and row-spacings is required to begin with the stage of emergence of mass seedlings;
  • absolutely all varieties of early potatoes are very responsive to the application of magnesium-containing fertilizers, especially if light sandy or sandy soils are classified as cultivation;
  • with insufficient moisture and in too dry summers, the number of treatments should be reduced and their depth reduced, only the destruction of the soil crust and timely removal of weeds.

Compliance with basic agricultural practices can achieve good results and reduces the risk of damage to potatoes by pests or diseases.

A sign of full ripening of early potatoes is yellowing or dying of potato tops, as well as coarsening of the peel on the tubers. For long-term storage, the collected tubers should be dried. The storage should be maintained at optimum temperature and humidity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato "Miranda" has a lot of positive qualities, the presence of which confirms the description of the variety given by the originator:

  • marketability of potato tubers reaches 86-97%;
  • the shelf life of the collected tubers is 92%;
  • the yield of the first digging is very good and can reach 119-151 kg / ha;
  • taste and presentation are very high.

When cultivating and developing a scheme of protective measures, it should be borne in mind that, according to the All-Russian Research Institute of Phytopathology, this variety is very susceptible to leaf damage to late blight.

Reviews gardeners

A significant part of the potato varieties from the company "Solana" is of greatest interest to Belarusian and Russian agricultural producers. Most Miranda potatoes, according to most experts, are a very plastic variety: when grown, gardeners have a great opportunity to regulate the size and quantity of tubers by planting density.

An additional amount of high-quality potato tubers can be obtained by applying high doses of phosphate fertilizers. Numerous positive reviews of gardeners characterize the Miranda potato as a very early and booming table variety, which has excellent taste.

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