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Potato "Lyubava": features of the variety and recommendations for growing

Potato "Lyubava": features of the variety and recommendations for growing

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Potato "Lyubava" from the GNU All-Russian Research Institute of Potato Economy named after A. G. Lorha, GNU Kemerovo Research Institute of Agriculture has long and deservedly enjoyed popularity among Russian summer residents and owners of garden plots. The description and characteristics of this variety are included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for the West Siberian Region.

Grade description

Bushes of potatoes of the Lyubava variety of medium height, intermediate type, semi-erect. Corollas of flowers of medium size, reddish-purple. Leaves of small size, open type. A variety of early ripening. The period from seedlings to technical maturity does not exceed 70-75 days.

The peel of the tubers is medium to rough, red. The tubers are oval-round in shape and have eyes of medium depth. The average weight of a tuber varies from 110 to 215 g. The pulp of the potato is white and contains starch 11.2-16.9%.

Advantages and disadvantages

The characteristic of the Lyubava potato implies the presence of a significant number of positive qualities of the variety:

  • table appointment and great taste;
  • large-fruited and even tubers;
  • high yield of marketable tubers, marketability of the variety reaches 80-98%, at the level of standards;
  • early and friendly formation of tubers;
  • the starch content is on average 1.5% higher than standards;
  • resistance to the causative agent of potato cancer;
  • relative whimsicality;
  • the variety tolerates drought well enough.

When growing this type of potato, it is necessary to carry out high-quality treatments against a number of diseases, due to the susceptibility of the variety to the golden potato cyst-forming nematode, as well as frequent damage to the top by the late blight pathogen.

Potato Harvest Recommendations

Dates and features of landing

Potato "Lyubava" belongs to the category of early ripe varieties, which makes it possible for experienced gardeners to get a double crop from one landing area. To get the earliest possible potato, in advance, about a month and a half before planting, potato tubers begin to sprout.

Planting and cultivation of early varieties of potatoes are not much different from the agricultural technology of this vegetable crop, intended for consumption in the autumn-winter period. However, in order to get early, and most importantly, high-quality vegetable products, It is important to consider a number of biological features:

  • The landing area should be quick-drying, and also protected from the negative effects of the cold north and northeast winds.
  • The soil at the landing site should be represented by light sandy loam or high quality loamy soil.

  • The best precursors for early potatoes are almost any root vegetables, as well as cabbage and cucumbers.
  • When growing early potatoes, the optimum amount of high-quality fertilizers should be used to improve the soil in a light and assimilable form for this type of plant.
  • It is best to use ordinary rotted manure or compost as highly effective fertilizers, which must be applied when planting directly into the planting holes.
  • The planting depth of germinated and processed potato tubers should not exceed 10-12 cm.
  • Before laying potato tubers, about 0.3 kg of humus and 25 g of wood ash should be poured into the hole. After planting, it is recommended to water (at the rate of 500 ml per plant) and fill the planting with fertile soil.

Care Rules

Timely hilling, loosening the soil, weeding weeds, feeding and, if necessary, watering, these are the main agrotechnical measures for caring for early potatoes. Potato "Lyubava" is quite resistant to adverse factors, but competent use of care measures allows you to get the best results:

  • A particularly important stage at the very beginning of the growing season is the earthing up, which acts as a measure of protection for early planting of potatoes from return frosts. On planting when growing potatoes in the southern regions, the first hilling is carried out when the potato tops reach a height of about 20-25 cm.
  • In order to get a good crop, it is necessary to feed: for the first feeding, you need to prepare a solution: add 10 g of urea and 500 ml of mullein or chicken droppings to 10 liters of water; you need to make 0.5 l of solution under one potato bush; the second feeding is carried out at the stage of budding using a solution based on wood ash.
  • Watering potato plantings is rarely necessary, but plentiful enough so that the soil is moistened to a depth of 0.5 m or about 10 liters per potato bush.
  • You should carefully monitor the cleanliness of potato planting and conduct timely weeding of the site.

How to pick and plant potatoes

Reviews gardeners

Potato seed variety Lyubava has long won the love of summer residents due to its unpretentiousness and consistently high yield. When choosing a variety of early potatoes, many small farmers very often give preference to “Lubava”, which grows very even, beautiful, with excellent commodity indicators. Reviews gardeners also characterize this variety as one of the most delicious and high-yielding.