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Is it possible to keep a cucumber greenhouse open

Is it possible to keep a cucumber greenhouse open

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Friends, keep the cucumber greenhouse open or closed? Who decided? Something I got lost?


I know that cucumbers grow at night. Grandmother told me to air the day and close it at night. And when cucumbers go already, you can always keep it open. But listen to what else they say

Ale, the difference between cucumbers and tomatoes is that cucumbers like moist air, warm, but can’t tolerate drafts, and tomatoes like dry air and drafts, Watering is also different, cucumbers are often and little by little, and tomatoes are rare but plentiful.

In the afternoon I open if it is warm.

Cucumbers love to keep their feet warm. When airing through the doors, you can cover the lower half of the open doors, for example, with plywood.

I open, but close the bottom of the door with a covering material: air passes, but cold air does not go down.

At night I try to close the greenhouses with cucumbers and tomatoes, the nights are still cold

Open the window Do not worry 🙂

Close at night, open in the morning.

I always close at night

Girls, THANKS! Huge, Merci, that you find time for me too!

And you have a separate GRATITUDE!