Harvest potatoes of the Empress variety

Harvest potatoes of the Empress variety

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Early ripe potato "Empress" for table use is able to quickly form the first tubers in a short time and amicably, and when carefully digging in June - July, in the autumn, potato growers have the opportunity to get an additional crop.

Grade description

Potatoes of the Empress variety form very compact bushes. The tubers are aligned, elongated and oval, covered with a yellow and smooth peel with rather small eyes. The cut potato flesh has a pronounced cream color with a yellowish tinge. The taste of potato pulp is very high.

The period from planting to the formation of the first tuber crop is from 70 to 90 days. The weight of tubers is 70-145 g.

The variety is characterized by resistance to scab damage, late blight and potato nematodes.

What kind of potato to choose

Landing rules

Potatoes "Empress" should be planted in an ordinary way. Variety populations such as the Empress give a guaranteed high yield. In the first year, mini-tubers are obtained through seedlings, and in the second year of cultivation, super elite is obtained. Sowing is done with soaked and sticky biological seeds, and diving is not required for plants. The sizes of mini-tubers made from botanical seeds are very small, which makes them easy to store until the next planting season.

An important condition for high yields is to maintain, when planting seed potatoes, tubers, the distance between rows 80-85 cm, between planting holes - 30-35 cm. The most illuminated and elevated area is assigned for landing, without the presence of factors contributing to the waterlogging of the soil.

Before planting, tubers must be landscaped, warmed up and germinated. It is also necessary to carry out the processing of planting material from various pathogens. The highest efficiency was noted when using TMTD for processing, at the rate of 20 l for each ton of seed germinated material.

To remove annual dicotyledonous and cereal weeds from the plot, it is possible to apply soil spraying to seedlings of the vegetable crop using Prometrin, spending about 200-300 l of working solution per 1 ha. It is recommended to add a handful of the mixture to each planting hole based on high-quality humus with wood ash.

Care Features

Potato variety "Empress" grows well even with insufficient care. However, the presence of high agricultural technology allows you to get a guaranteed high yield, represented by large, marketable tubers:

  • Chemical control of weeds is carried out approximately 2 days before the emergence of mass seedlings, immediately after the implementation of blind hilling. For this purpose, it is recommended to use the "Rimus" tool, which effectively destroys perennial weeds, annual cereals and some dicotyledonous weeds.
  • When spraying plantings after earthing up during the development phase of 1-4 leaves, such means as Neon-99, Neonol or Rimus are used to destroy annual weeds with a flow rate of 250 l / ha.
  • Irrigation measures are especially necessary for potatoes of the Empress variety at the stages of budding and flowering. Watering should be plentiful and it is desirable to supplement them with the introduction of liquid fertilizers.
  • About three times per season, hilling should be carried out, as well as several shallow loosening, which stimulate air access to the root system and improve tuberization.

Before digging potatoes, the tops are cut. Dug up tubers are subject to high-quality drying in a well-ventilated place, but without direct sunlight. After loading the crop into storage, fumigation of tubers from defeat by Fusarium, oosporosis (tuberous scab) and dry rot using bulk checkers "Whist" is carried out.

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Reviews of gardeners

Potato "Empress" is most often grown by gardeners using biological seeds from the originating company of this variety as seed. However, as the practice and reviews of potato growers show, the standard germination rate of such seed is not more than 50%. In addition, approximately the same percentage of plants die in seedling age.

Seedling of potatoes from seeds

In the open ground, landing is carried out in the last decade of May. The crop formation is observed, indeed, friendly and corresponds to the terms declared by the manufacturer. In lean years, the variety is prone to chopping tubers and shows high demands on top dressing. In the autumn, the Empress potato tops for a long time maintain a green color and do not lie down. In terms of taste, the potato pulp is quite good. Potatoes practically do not boil and are suitable for most dishes.