The secrets of growing potatoes in a barrel

The secrets of growing potatoes in a barrel

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Despite the unusual method, growing potatoes in a barrel in recent years has become increasingly popular among gardeners who love bold experiments with vegetable crops. This method, according to many potato growers, allows you to grow a plentiful crop of this vegetable crop and get a record number of tubers from each involved square meter of usable area.

Potato preparation

To obtain abundant potato crops, the quality of planting tubers, as well as their preparation, plays an important role. Any methods of preplant seedlings of potato tubers are designed to accelerate the ripening of this vegetable crop and increase the overall yield.

Potato pre-planting involves several procedures, starting with the selection of material:

  • root tubers of the correct form, standard sizes, without damage and signs of disease damage should be selected;
  • the optimal germination period of potato tubers selected for planting is a month at a temperature of 12-15 ° C;
  • soaking tubers for 45 minutes in 10 l of water with the addition of 40 g of superphosphate, 30 g of potassium sulfate, 2 g of boric acid, 5 g of copper sulfate and 1 g of potassium permanganate;
  • if potato tubers show signs of scab lesion, then a prerequisite is the treatment of planting material with 3% Bordeaux fluid.

Carrying out pre-sowing heating and germination of potato tubers is one of the mandatory agricultural practices that can increase yield by 50%. Besides, very often gardeners make cuts on tubers in order to stimulate growth, as well as spraying with microelements, gardening, germination in the dark.

How to plant potatoes in a barrel

Landing rules

To grow potatoes in a barrel, first of all it is necessary to prepare a plastic or metal container, from which the bottom should be removed. You will also need to equip a special irrigation system, which involves placing a perforated hose or plastic pipe in a vertically installed barrel. The top of the pipe should be brought out. In the walls of the barrel, holes should be staggered with a diameter of at least a centimeter for oxygen to access the root system of plants.

The lower part of the barrel should be filled with a soil nutrient mixture consisting of compost or rotted humus and ordinary garden soil in equal proportions. Then, prepared potato tubers are planted with a distance of 20-25 cm, which must be covered with nutrient soil with a layer of 10-12 cm. After the emergence of the sprouts, soil should be added. The yield level will largely depend on the care of a potato plantation in a barrel.

Care Features

For fertilizing, as well as for irrigation, a perforated hose lowered to the bottom of the barrel should be used. Early ripe varieties are recommended to be fed no more than once per season. When growing late-ripened potatoes, at least two top dressings with liquid fertilizers are required.

It should be remembered that excessive application of nitrogen-containing fertilizers is very harmful, due to an overdose of such substances, the grown potatoes will contain a significant amount of nitrates.

Potato plantings in a barrel are extremely rarely affected by pests and diseases, which reduces the need for preventive spraying. Also it is not required to carry out an earthing up and frequent weeding.

We also offer you to learn about the technology of growing potatoes in bags.

Reviews gardeners

Reviews of vegetable growers and summer residents about the method of growing potatoes using barrels vary. However, as practice shows, this interesting method, contrary to expectations, does not guarantee an ultra-high yield. That is why most gardeners who have already managed to test the growing of potatoes in barrels in practice, were disappointed.

The small-sized controlled environment contributes to the formation of a standard crop, which can be obtained by cultivating potatoes in a classical way.

Potato in a barrel: myth or reality