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How to get rid of wireworm and other worms in the garden

How to get rid of wireworm and other worms in the garden

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Good day to all. Help advice, how can I get rid of wireworms and other worms in the garden? I'm afraid the whole crop will be devoured. Thank you all in advance.


I already wrote the same question here, for the third year I have been struggling with provotox wireworms, taboos, onion peels, ash !!! right now it is less, and the first year the whole crop is sieved, 5 pieces in one potato

we still add needles to this compound and scattered such “porridge” around the site and buried it in the ground, now it doesn’t seem to be found ...

a little mustard drives me away ... immediately after harvesting the potatoes he sowed densely

After harvesting the potatoes, be sure to sow mustard. In the third year, I come across only individual specimens in different parts of the plot.

The wireworm lives only in poor depleted soils. Improve the soil and it will leave. Plant green manure, do not dig the earth, mulch with organic matter. Mustard well enriches and disinfects the soil and drives out wireworms. Plant it and other siderates before and after sowing the main crops. What other worms do you want to get rid of? On the contrary, rainwater must be protected. They fertilize and loosen the earth.

tell me more about not digging the ground, please)

the earth does not dig, but only the top 5-7cm are loosened. In general, for starters, I advise on YouTube to watch the video of Galina Kizima, “A garden without hassle.” She doesn’t dig, doesn’t weed and doesn’t water) She gets an excellent harvest. And then seminars on natural farming. YouTube Channel “Your Fertility”.


This is how not to water? What are you saying, Galina Kizima can rain and we have in Volgograd in the shade plus 35 now ... from the wireworm there are special preparations and buy according to the instructions

Thank you all for your advice, for your attention!