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How can I treat apple, cherry, plum, currant from aphids

How can I treat apple, cherry, plum, currant from aphids

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Good evening! Tell me, what can you spray on apple, cherry, currant and plum from aphids now? Just a guard this year, aphids are just everywhere. And so I want to save my work.


Process the apple tree, plum, Alatar, but currants and cherries are possible as Julia: 3 tablespoons of soda ash + 1 tablespoon of green soap or any detergent in a bucket of water. Julia has a video.

Read the comment above.

A good bush of celandine without root pour 5 l of cold water) it costs 3 hours) squeezed into water and add a spoonful of liquid soap to it and spray it on the table) can be repeated)

How much water?

On a bucket of water. Read more Irina's comment, it is higher.

Just watched a video of Julia. I clarify: 2 tbsp. Spoons of soda + soap on a bucket of water.

Where is calcium sold? Soda?

Go to the household chemistry store, there a large bundle is quite inexpensive.

I bought at Fix Price,

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Thanks. Need to try. Yesterday I tar tar + dom tos a bit.