Step-by-step recipe for pickled grapes with olives for the winter

Step-by-step recipe for pickled grapes with olives for the winter

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Pickled grapes are recognized as a classic Armenian snack. It is also harvested for the winter, since the product is stored for a year. It is used as an addition to cheese or sausage, as well as for preparing salads and meat dishes. To get a tasty preparation, you just need to know the nuances of creating pickled grapes for olives. We will talk about them.

The specifics of pickling grapes, like olives, for the winter

This is a special workpiece, for the preparation of which several recommendations must be followed:

  1. When preparing dessert, foam appears, which is removed with a slotted spoon. This will eliminate the problem with long-term storage.
  2. Instead of vinegar 9%, 6% or 5% will do, since the marinade will be sour with it.
  3. To check the thickness and readiness of the workpiece, you should take a plate and drip a little product into it.
  4. After rolling, the cans are turned over and covered with a blanket. So they should remain until they cool.

The guarantee of a high-quality workpiece is the observance of the proportions according to the recipe. Dessert should be started after careful preparation of food and containers.

Necessary products

For 3 half-liter cans, preparation is required:

  • grapes - 1 kg;
  • water - 1 l;
  • sugar - 200 g;
  • vinegar 5% - 100 ml;
  • aspirin - 3 tablets;
  • carnations - 3 buds;
  • bay leaf - 3 leaves;
  • allspice - 3 peas;
  • cinnamon - ΒΌ tsp

Different ingredients are needed depending on the recipe.

How to choose the right ingredients?

For harvesting, it is advisable to use a table grape variety, which has a fleshy crunchy pulp and a dense skin. The berries are cut from the bunches with scissors, only a small tail should be left. You should not tear off the fruits, as this will ruin the taste and appearance of the workpiece.

A lot of dust, cobwebs, debris accumulates on the berries, so they should be washed first. Spoiled, rotten, unripe grapes are removed from the total mass. You need to choose only selected berries.

Container preparation

We need high-quality cans that are free of chips, notches, cracks. It is better not to use chemicals to rinse them. Laundry soap is more suitable.

New covers must be purchased. It is important that they are scratch-free. It is better not to use bent specimens for preparing blanks.

Then the container must be sterilized. Clean water is poured into a saucepan and set on fire. They put lids and jars in it. Everything is boiled for 7 minutes. Then everything is carefully taken out and laid out on a towel.

Step by step recipe

The process of making dessert is simple:

  1. Prepared grapes should be placed in jars up to the shoulders. Then 1 tablet of aspirin is added.
  2. You need to fill it. Water, sugar, cloves, cinnamon, bay leaves, pepper are added to the pan. Before boiling, vinegar is poured in, and everything is brought to a boil.
  3. The resulting brine is poured into jars. It is advisable that each container contains a clove, bay leaf and pepper.

Jars can be closed with lids. This completes the cooking procedure. The containers only need to be turned over and wrapped until they cool.

Storage of canned blanks

Banks are best placed in a cellar or refrigerator. In such conditions, the workpieces are stored for a year. If sterilization has not been carried out, then it is advisable to eat the product as soon as possible.

With long-term storage of this blank, the marinade is oxidized, which badly affects the taste of the berries.

It is advisable to leave the jars in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. If you need to pickle a lot of berries, then wooden barrels are perfect. This will improve the taste of the workpiece.

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