Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Marfushechka Dushechka

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Marfushechka Dushechka

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Marfushechka Darling is a tomato, reviews of which can be read on the forums of this variety. Everyone who was involved in the cultivation of this hybrid notes that Marfushechka Darling f1 is unpretentious in cultivation, does not require special care, and is high-yielding. Such qualities could not go unnoticed by vegetable growers, and now the Dushechka tomato has become quite popular.

Main characteristics and description of the variety

The description of the variety usually begins with a story about the bushes of this tomato. Low mid-early bushes in height can reach 0.7-0.75 m, erect shoots, medium leafy, foliage - simple, typical for tomatoes. Marfushechka Dushechka is a hybrid tomato designed for outdoor cultivation. This tomato is resistant to weather changes, calmly endures spring frosts.

This hybrid belongs to the medium early - from the appearance of the first shoots to the ripening of fruits, it takes a little more than three months. And the ripening of the crop occurs almost simultaneously.

The stems require tying to the supports, it is also necessary to remove stepchildren that grow to the first brushes with ovaries.

For better ripening of the crop, it is better to form bushes in no more than two or three shoots.

Ripe fruits are round, smooth, red in color, at the stage of ripening the color of the fruits is light yellow. The shape of the inflorescences is racemose, up to 5-7 fruits can ripen in one brush. Ripe tomato weighs up to 120 g. Taste qualities are high.

The characteristics of this variety will be incomplete without mentioning the yield of tomato Marfushechka Dushechki f1 and photos of bushes with fruits. Up to 9-11 kg of ripe fruits can be harvested from one square meter. It is worth looking at the photo of the tomato and it will be seen that the bushes are literally strewn with ripening tomatoes.

Ripe tomatoes have excellent taste. They are used fresh, and also canned - pickled whole, salted. The skin is quite dense, so ripe tomatoes are not prone to cracking and tolerate transportation well.

Pros and cons of the Marfushechka Dushechka variety

The positive qualities of this hybrid include:

  • high productivity;
  • good commercial quality of fruits;
  • average resistance to major diseases;
  • resistance of the variety to bad weather conditions.

There are practically no negative qualities of this hybrid, it should only be mentioned about the need to tie the stems to the trellises and the obligatory pinching.

If we compare this vegetable plant with other tomato hybrids, then Marfushechka Dushenka stands out favorably for its unpretentiousness to growing conditions, as well as for its remarkable marketable and taste qualities.

The nuances of growing

The hybrid is first grown for seedlings at home, and usually the seed is planted in containers about a couple of months before the intended planting of seedlings in the beds.

When landing in open ground, you should adhere to the rule - 1 m2 plant 2-3 plants.

There are no other differences in growing this hybrid from other varieties of tomatoes: it also requires regular watering, mulching the trunk circle, loosening the soil around the bushes, removing weeds, and periodically applying top dressing.

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