Description of the tomato variety Jewel, its characteristics and productivity

Description of the tomato variety Jewel, its characteristics and productivity

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Among the wide variety of mouth-watering and beautiful tomato varieties, there is one common variety that has received numerous positive reviews, with a very interesting name - the Jewel tomato. But he is ordinary only at first glance. He has many positive qualities that gardeners like.

Positive characteristics of the variety

The variety has many positive characteristics, including:

  • high yield - from 4 to 9 kilograms per square meter;
  • excellent commercial and transportable qualities - the variety is stored for a long time and does not lose its commercial quality when transported over distances;
  • undemanding to care for, although you will have to tie up and remove excess leaves;
  • recommended for growing in open and closed ground;
  • variety of medium early ripening.

Description of the bush and fruit

The characteristic of the bush is indeterminate, reaching a height of 150 centimeters. Medium early, 115-125 days pass from planting seeds in the ground to the first harvest. Strongly leafy, therefore, during growth, you need to thin out the leaves so that they do not shade the fruits and do not slow down ripening. The variety was bred by a family from Kostroma back in 1960. The first inflorescence is formed above the sixth leaf, the next - after two leaves.

Fruits are medium in size. On large fruits, the weight of which reaches 200-250 grams, a slightly ribbed surface. Some vegetables grow up to 300 grams. Unripe, light green, ripe, dark red. When cut in a tomato from 6 to 9 nests. The pulp is valuable - dense, juicy, pink in color.

Agrotechnical cultivation

The variety is intended for outdoor cultivation. But gardeners also use it for growing in a greenhouse. The description of the variety says that plants can be bred by growing seedlings, 4-5 seedlings are placed on one square meter.

When cultivated in a greenhouse, the variety can be grown in two or three stems, in open areas - in one, maximum two.

Seeds for seedlings are sown in mid-March, when 2-3 permanent leaves are formed, the plants dive into separate containers. They are planted in a greenhouse in mid-May, in open ground in early June. The bushes are tied to a support and care is taken.

Caring for tomato plants

To grow a great crop of tomatoes, you need to constantly look after them. Agrotechnics includes:

  1. Watering.
  2. Weeding.
  3. Garter.
  4. Stealing.
  5. Loosening the soil.
  6. Top dressing.
  7. Inspection of plants.
  8. Harvesting.

Here is a list of activities that gardeners carry out during the entire growing season. In order for the tomatoes to ripen on time and grow well, they are constantly watered. In hot weather, the procedure is carried out every day. In a rainy summer, watering is carried out as the soil dries out.

After each watering, the soil under the tomatoes is loosened. This procedure helps to get rid of the fungus that grows quickly in moist airless soil and also to retain fluid in the soil.

The bushes in the greenhouse are tied to the crossbar on the ceiling. In an open area - to the support. Stepping is necessary so that all the fruits have time to ripen before the onset of frost. If this procedure is not carried out, then the bush will go into a green mass, and the tomatoes will be small and green. You also need to pick off the lower leaves, you cannot let them touch the ground. Usually one or half of a leaf is left under the first brush, and the rest of the greens is broken off.

Top dressing of soil and plants is carried out at least three times per season. In this case, both mineral and organic fertilizers are used. But you need to adhere to the generally accepted rules of feeding, otherwise the greens will burn out.

Tomatoes Jewel have perfectly proven themselves in Russia and neighboring countries, therefore they are constantly used for growing in personal plots.

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