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What can be watered from a well

What can be watered from a well

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Friends, tell me what can be watered from a well?


Cabbage loves pouring cold water on the head

We water everything except the tomatoes from the column. So many seedlings to warm the water.

Yes, nothing likes a sharp temperature drop, even cabbage. I put 5 barrels of 200 liters along the entire garden, they always have warm water, watering and watering.

Cabbage loves cold water, until the heads of cabbage begin to tie. Especially only from the well and water it.

We have a well. Previously watered all of it. Now having read on the site everything: (AFRAID of the well. My son brought me a plastic barrel for peppers

I don’t water anything either, only from barrels in extreme cases I can water flowers and that’s not all.

Also only from barrels

I water everything from the hose, where do I get so many barrels without hands? All my neighbors gardeners water the hose forever from the harvest

I have 10 barrels, only of them.

I water everything from the well except for tomato and cucumbers

I water everything from a hose (central water supply), everything is okay with the crop