Grapes "Furor": a novelty of author's selection

Grapes "Furor": a novelty of author's selection

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Grapes "Furor" is a table form of grapes of early ripening. Harvest can be harvested after 105, sometimes 110 days after the awakening of the kidneys.

Grapes "Furor" forms very large and rather massive bushes. Leaves are not too large, with a characteristic cut. Formed grape brushes are very large in size: the length of the bunch is about 25 cm. The standard form of the grape brush is cylindrical, the structure is not dense enough. Flowering bisexual, which allows you to count on high rates of self-pollination.

Technical characteristics of berries

The Furor hybrid form has very large berries with a size of 4 x 2.8 cm, a characteristic teapot shape, a very deep blue-black coloration, weighing from 25 to 30 g. The flesh is characterized by fleshiness, juiciness and a light and pleasant muscat flavor. Sugar content is quite high and reaches 23% with an acidity of 5-6 g / dm3. Thin, but strong peel is almost not felt during use. The berries contain from one to three fairly small seeds.

Grade Benefits

Grapes "Furor" has significant advantages, but it is not without some disadvantages that are recommended to be considered when cultivating. Among the advantages are the following:

  • shoots ripen very early and stably well;
  • high level of compatibility with most stocks and varieties;
  • declared frost resistance is -24 ° C;
  • the hybrid form is relatively resistant to mildew, oidium and gray rot;
  • high transportability;
  • high market performance and decent taste of ripe berries.

To date, this hybrid form belongs to the category requiring further variety testing.

Grapes "Furor": characteristics

Landing rules

Grapes called "Furor" have not yet received widespread distribution in homestead vineyards in our country, so the advice on planting it, tested empirically, is not too numerous. However, knowledge of the biological characteristics of the hybrid form allows draw conclusions about the need for a landing in accordance with the following recommendations:

  • the landing area should be located on the south or southwest side;
  • the landing place should have sufficient illumination and be protected from the accumulation of cold air, as well as gusty wind;
  • Soils are preferable to use light and fertile, with a low occurrence of groundwater.

The landing pattern is standard. A significant growth force of bushes of this hybrid form suggests a distance between plants of 2-3 meters, between rows - 3-4 meters. In addition, it will be necessary to install supports to which a vertically located vine will be fixed.

Care Tips

Of particular importance in the first years after planting is the observance of the basic agrotechnical measures, which will not only allow the plant to adapt faster, but also improve its viability indicators. The hybrid form "Furor" in this regard is no exception.

Watering and feeding

Grapes "Furor" is quite responsive to irrigation events. The culture belongs to the category of moisture-loving, but does not tolerate excessive waterlogging of the soil. The best option is to use a modern and very effective drip irrigation system, which allows you to control the distribution of moisture in the vineyard. In addition, such an irrigation system greatly facilitates the dosing of liquid fertilizers, which are important for the proper growth, development and fruiting of grape bushes.

A good result is the use of organic mulch, which perfectly protects the soil around the vineyards from overdrying and is the source of the main nutrients for the plant.

Cropping and shaping

The hybrid form of grape "Furor" needs a very competent formation of bushes and pruning. Experienced winegrowers and specialists recommend the following criteria when growing this form:

  • providing a standard load on the grape bush of the order of 35-40 eyes;
  • pruning fruiting vines should be carried out no more than 6-8 eyes.

In order for large-sized brushes to form, one should not leave a large number of ovaries on the shoots.

Reviews of winegrowers

Grapes "Furor" has not yet been sufficiently studied, and therefore has not yet received wide distribution among amateur gardeners. Many winegrowers are just eyeing this new form. However, those who have already managed to get to know the variety better, especially appreciated the fact that the berries do not burst, the wasps are not affected and have a delicious, delicate and very harmonious taste.

Grape Processing Scheme

According to the first impressions of gardeners, a significant part of the characteristics declared by the author of the hybrid form was fully confirmed. The grapes are really large, have an external appeal and high marketability. Many winegrowers today consider Furor a worthy early ripe, stable, marketable grape variety, which is very promising for cultivation in a homestead economy.