Grapes "Sensation": an early and very tasty variety

Grapes "Sensation": an early and very tasty variety

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Grapes "Sensation" is a fairly new and promising hybrid form. He was bred by a famous amateur breeder from the Rostov region V. U. Kapelyushny.

Grade characteristics

The hybrid Sensation form was the result of crossbreeding Rizamat and Talisman varieties popular among winegrowers. This hybrid of table grapes ripens at a very early date, and the harvest is done after 100, after a maximum of 115 days.

Biological description

The Sensation grape bushes are notable for their great growth power. Mass harvesting is carried out from the beginning to the last days of August. Shoots are characterized by overgrowth and good maturation, which most often exceeds 2/3 of the entire length.

The flowering type of this hybrid is bisexual. Bunches are formed loose or medium density, very large, conical or cylindrical. The average weight of a fully ripened grape brush is 1.5 kg, maybe more.

Technical specifications

Grapes "Sensation" compares favorably with very large berries. The average berry size is 5.5 x 2.5 cm, the mass varies from 16 to 22 g. The shape of the berries is very original, finger-shaped, yellow-pink staining. At the stage of full ripening, the color changes to red. The crest has a pronounced red color.

The grapes of this variety are characterized by a very pleasant and harmonious taste with a subtle, light aroma of muscat. The pulp is fleshy and juicy, covered with a not too thick skin, which is almost not felt when consumed.

Grade Benefits

Currently, the Sensation hybrid is being tested in the southern regions of Belarus. The author claims the following grape virtues:

  • early ripening;
  • consistently good pollination of flowers;
  • fruiting in the second year after planting in a permanent place;
  • the possibility of easy propagation of bushes by cuttings;
  • the berries are large, beautiful and even;
  • high taste indices;
  • visual appeal and marketability of the crop;
  • increased productivity;
  • lack of chafing on the hands;
  • berries are not affected by wasps and do not crack;
  • increased resistance to mildew;
  • frost resistance up to -24 ° С;
  • long-term storage and the ability to transport over long distances.

Indicators of resistance to oidium, gray rot and phylloxera, as well as frost resistance are currently being studied.

"Sensation": a description of the grape

Landing rules

The hybrid form "Sensation" has some features that need to be considered during the landing process:

  • it is best to allocate a plot on the south side for planting seedlings of this hybrid with full lighting throughout the day;
  • the vineyard needs fertile and light soils or the enrichment of insufficiently prepared soil for planting;
  • the occurrence of groundwater should be as deep as possible so as not to harm the root system of the vineyards;
  • when planting bushes along the wall of the capital building, one should deviate from the foundation at least 70-80 cm;
  • “Sensation” hybrid grapes are distinguished by strong-growing shrubs, and to avoid shading, you should adhere to a distance between plants of 1-1.5 m;

  • for propagation and planting of the hybrid, you can use the grafting of cuttings on the stock, planting of root seedlings or the method of taps;
  • the depth of the trench or landing pit should be at least 0.8 m, and the width should correspond to the size of the root system;
  • in the pit, you should make a kind of nutritious “pie” of layers: a fine fraction of crushed stone, fertile soil with fertilizers and high-quality soil;
  • the top layer is poured with a slight elevation in the central part of the pit to install the root system of the plant;
  • all layers should be laid two or three weeks before planting and immediately moistened before planting.

When planting, it is necessary to monitor the location of the root neck of the seedling and mulch the soil around the stem.

Care Features

Grapes "Sensation" is not too picky, and for the formation of a full crop, it is enough to carry out basic care measures.

Watering and feeding

At the stage of opening eyes, as well as during mass flowering and the formation of berries on grapes, bushes must be abundantly watered. The same irrigation regime should be followed during a drought. After irrigation measures, it is recommended to systematically mulch the soil around the vineyards with a three-centimeter layer of sawdust, moss, humus or high-quality compost. The basis of fertilizing should be the introduction of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers.

Cropping and shaping

Grapes "Sensation" is very responsive to conducting competent bush formation and regular pruning. The optimal load on one bush of grapes should not be more than 30-35 eyes. Pruning of fruiting vines is made for 8-10 eyes.

How to form a young grape bush

Reviews of winegrowers

Hybrid forms of grapes from the selection of W. U. Kapelyushnogo are in great demand and respect among winegrowers in different regions. Recently, a large number of new hybrid forms have appeared on the market, which have decent qualities, excellent marketability and attractiveness both for gardeners and consumers.

Having received the first berry harvest, many winegrowers recommend the Hybrid Sensation form for cultivation by amateur gardeners in personal plots.