Potato "Ivan da Marya": many-sided and popular

Potato "Ivan da Marya": many-sided and popular

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Potato "Ivan da Marya" is one of the most famous varieties on the territory of our country and neighboring countries. The variety is classified as medium-late, and the growing season is 115-120 days. "Ivan da Marya" is perfect for planting and growing in almost any weather and climate conditions.

Grade history

Potato "Ivan da Marya" - the national name of the wonderful Picasso variety bred by breeders from Holland, included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements in 1995 and approved for cultivation on the territory of the Russian Federation in the Central Federal District, including the Bryansk, Vladimir, Ivanovo, Kaluga, Moscow, Ryazan, Smolensk and Tula Regions, as well as the Central Black Earth Region. The originator of the variety is AGRICO U.A.

Very often in different areas you can find such names of this variety as "Drunkard", "Red Riding Hood", "Ryabinushka" and "Matryoshka". In the Stavropol Territory, the variety is known as "Ryabukha". In the Kirovograd region it can be found under the names "Fox", or "Lyska".

Grade description

The bushes are erect and quite tall, with the presence of white flowers. Flowering Root crops are round-oval, covered with yellow peel with pink spots, with the presence of small pink eyes. The average weight of a tuber is not more than 120 g.

The pulp on the slice is cream colored. The standard starch content can vary from 8 to 14%. The number of tubers from one potato bush reaches 19 pieces. The yield of marketable tubers is very high - 94%. Stability of the crop is consistently good and reaches 90%.

Name of disease or pestStability of the grade "Ivan da Marya"
virus Ahigh
Yn virusvery high
potato cancerhigh
leaf twisting virusaverage
potato nematodehigh
late blight of potato topsaverage
late blight of tubershigh
common scabhigh

Advantages and disadvantages

The value of Ivan da Marya potatoes is good storage, the formation of aligned root crops with attractive external data, in addition, the variety tolerates high temperature conditions, both air and soil, has stable drought tolerance and has a low risk of virus damage to potato plantings.

The main disadvantage of the variety is a rather strong defeat of the tubers by scab and the Colorado potato beetle. In addition, potato "Ivan da Marya" has a tendency to degenerate, so you should timely replace the planting material.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Landing rules

Potato varieties "Ivan da Marya" as a planting material, it is recommended to use only absolutely healthy. To process the germinated tubers before planting, it is advisable to use "Agat-25-K" with a flow rate of prepared working fluid of 1 l / 100 kg. This treatment increases field germination and overall productivity, and also contributes to the resistance of potatoes to various diseases.

The crop is quite well formed even when planting with some shading. However, the largest crop of marketable tubers can be harvested when grown on light and fertile, aerated soils. The site should have good lighting throughout the day. The variety is suitable for cultivation by various methods, including the traditional "under the shovel", "ridge landing", "ditch", landing on the Mitlider and using vegetable containers.

Care Features

The medium-late Dutch variety "Ivan da Marya" gained popularity due to its unpretentiousness as to the soil composition, and to care. It is distinguished by beautiful tubers, as well as high productivity, which largely depends on providing potato plantings with proper and timely care:

  • surface harrowing or loosening of row-spacing a week after planting potatoes;
  • the use of such an agricultural technique as hilling to care for young plants;
  • spraying potato tops at the budding phase with Epin-Extra or Obereg solution (according to the attached instructions) to enhance growth processes and increase resistance to diseases;
  • spraying plants during the growing season from defeat by a Colorado potato beetle and potato cow with Inta-Vir solution (at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 liters of water);
  • to increase productivity, plants are sprayed at the beginning of the mass flowering phase and a week after the first treatment with Gibbor-M or Ovary, in addition, for the entire period of growing potatoes, three top dressings must be performed using mullein or bird droppings and ash;
  • the use of a drip irrigation system that provides potatoes with an optimal irrigation regime at all stages of the growing season.

Potatoes of this variety fully reach technical maturity in 120-130 days, but the timing may vary depending on weather conditions and climatic characteristics of the growing region.

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Reviews gardeners

Experienced potato growers recommend using spring-growing tubers for planting and planting in the early stages. The average yield is a dozen medium-sized potatoes in each bush, but in some years it can form and twice as much even medium-sized tubers.

How to plant potatoes under a straw

Potato "Ivan da Marya" enjoys well-deserved popularity among gardeners and is always in demand among consumers of vegetable products due to high yields and excellent quality of tubers. Taste qualities of this variety are also noted: the flesh is good at cooking any dishes, but it is especially appreciated in frying, in addition, potatoes do not boil.