Cultivation of the American grape hybrid "Yucca"

Cultivation of the American grape hybrid "Yucca"

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The grape "Yucca", or JUKKA, is known to many amateur gardeners and professional winegrowers under the name "ES 5 4-16". The hybrid was obtained by crossing the parental pair represented by “ES 2.4.13” and “ES - 2 - 5 - 5".

Grade description

The stated indicators characterize the variety as a very early grape, a table destination, selected in America. Grape "Yucca" is especially popular in the Baltic countries.

The bush of grapes of this variety is characterized by strong growth. Productivity is high. Shoots ripen very well. The clusters are of medium size, the average weight is 0.45 kg. They can hang on the bush for a long time without losing their quality characteristics, as well as their presentation. The susceptibility of the plant to oidium and mildew is low.

The berries are formed in a very dark blue, almost black color. Taste is high. The pulp of the berries is slightly mucous, with a harmonious taste and slight isabella notes. The average weight of a relatively large berry is approximately 3 g. Sugar content at the stage of full ripening is not more than 20%. The acidity does not exceed 7 g / l.

Grape Advantages

The lack of knowledge of grapes "Yucca" during cultivation in our country did not stop gardeners from noting a large number of varietal benefits, including:

  • high yields;
  • very decent taste;
  • disease resistance, but in too damp years, a slight mildew lesion may be observed.

In addition, the vine is characterized by good winter hardiness and can withstand temperatures as low as -36 ° C.

Growing winter-hardy grape varieties

Planting and Care Rules

Grape "Yucca" grows well enough and ripens when cultivated on dense clay type soils. Landings can be carried out both in single landing pits and in ordinary trenches. Tall bushes need a large amount of free space, which when planting several plants should be in a row of at least 3 meters.

The main requirements for planting seedlings:

  • the most sunny and not obscured by garden plantings should be reserved for planting;
  • groundwater should not be located closer than 2.5 meters to the root system of grape seedlings;
  • areas with depleted soil or an insufficient layer of fertile soil require work to restore the structure.

Seedlings should be planted in a pit, the diameter of which is about 80 cm, and the depth should correspond to the length of the root system plus 20 cm for drainage and a layer of fertile soil. Tall bushes need support, to which the plant should be neatly tied. Immediately after planting, abundant watering of seedlings is carried out.

Measures to care for grapes of this variety are standard and consist of irrigation, the volume of which can vary depending on weather conditions and the amount of precipitation. In addition, for the full development and stable fruiting, periodic top dressing and treatment of plants in the spring from the main diseases of the vineyards should be carried out.

Growers reviews

Despite the fact that the hybrid is declared as a table grape, many gardeners note its versatility. Currently, winegrowers from different regions are conducting more detailed tests of the variety for frost resistance.

According to gardeners, the winter period of 2014/2015. the variety was easily transferred on trellises and without the use of shelters. There is evidence that Yucca grapes winter well without loss of vitality under snow cover or using a small layer of land as a shelter in snowless cultivation regions. The variety is in demand near Moscow grape growers and is characterized by them as a very good, reliable and high-yielding grape. When cultivating the variety, a rather rare lesion was observed between the veins on the leaf plate, resembling a “corner burn”.

How to water grapes properly

Grape "Yucca" is attractive not only for its stable and high yield, but also for its frost resistance. The variety showed good adaptation when grown in our country. It can be used not only for fresh consumption, but also as a high-quality raw material for the manufacture of dry red table wines.