Grapes "Ladies' fingers": variety description and cultivation rules

Grapes "Ladies' fingers": variety description and cultivation rules

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"Ladies' fingers" is a popular name for the old and very popular among gardeners and consumers of the Husayne White variety. The popularity of the variety is due to excellent taste, visual appeal and productivity.

Grade characteristics

The grape variety "Lady's fingers" is also known as "Chilgi Husayn "," Bokalny "," Shah raisins and Itzaptuk. This high quality table grape is classified as a mid-ripening variety. The crop is ready for harvest in 150-155 days from the beginning of the growing season.

Biological description

Grape bushes "Lady's fingers" are characterized as vigorous. Leaves of medium size, round, three- or five-lobed in shape, with an average level of dispersion. Characteristic is the presence of raised edges and sparse bristly pubescence on the lower part of the leaves. Petiole notch open. The flowers are bisexual and well pollinated.

The clusters are large: have a length of 18 to 50 cm and a width of 10 to 25 cm. The average mass of the grape brush is from 0.3 to 0.9 kg. The shape of the cluster is conical or narrowly conical. Brush branched, loose structure. The presence of a brittle grassy ridge is characteristic.

Technical characteristics of berries

The grapes “Lady's fingers”, or “Husayn white”, are large enough. Their sizes can vary from 25 x 15 mm to 38 x 25 mm. The average weight is about 5 g. Berries have an elongated shape, yellowish-green color and translucency. The skin is very thin, but strong enough, with a slight spring bloom. The pulp is juicy, with a slight crunch.

The taste of grapes is very high.. The pulp harmoniously combines sweetness and refreshing acidity. Sugar and acid content is moderate. The average sugar content in the phase of full ripening of berries is 17%, and the acidity is not more than 4-4.5 g / l.

Grade Benefits

Grapes "Lady's fingers" has a sufficient number of advantages, thanks to which many consumers and gardeners prefer this particular variety:

  • very beautiful elegant clusters and berries;
  • harmonious sweet and sour taste;
  • quite good transportability;
  • bisexual flowering with high pollination rates;
  • good yield;
  • the possibility of using not only fresh, but also for drying;
  • ripe berries of this variety have a therapeutic effect in colds accompanied by cough.

It should be remembered that the resistance of the variety to diseases and pests is very weak, especially grapes are damaged by oidium. The disadvantage is insufficient winter hardiness: grapes can withstand frosts no more than -18 ˚С. Vine bushes begin to bear fruit only in the fifth year.

The best grape varieties

Landing rules

When planting Lady's fingers grapes, it is very important to consider the following factors:

  • the place should be well lit and protected from the negative impact of through northerly winds;
  • it is optimal to use for planting the south or southwest side of the site, closed on the north side by a building or garden plantings;
  • the vineyard should not be obscured;
  • the depth of groundwater should be 2.5-3 meters;
  • the standard planting scheme for grape seedlings of this variety is 3 x 5 m;
  • planting can be done both in spring and autumn;
  • the depth of the pit for landing should not be less than 0.8 m;
  • a third of the pit should be filled with a mixture of fertile soil, compost and mineral fertilizers, including superphosphate, potassium fertilizers and nitrogen in small quantities.

The seedlings prepared for planting should be buried in the planting pit to the root neck, then it is necessary to sprinkle the roots with soil and pour over a large amount of water.

Care Features

Grape bushes of the Ladies Fingers variety require careful attention and proper care, therefore the plant is not recommended for cultivation for beginner winegrowers.

Watering and feeding

The variety "Lady's fingers" is responsive to watering, which is given special importance in the spring, as well as in the phase of mass flowering of grape bushes. Watering should be as regular as possible to prevent overdrying of the soil. After the formation of the ovaries, the introduction of moisture should be limited as much as possible.

Fertilizing with nitrogen fertilizers is relevant at the very beginning of the growing season, which will allow plants to gain strength and quickly prepare for the fruiting stage. For grape bushes, potash and phosphorus fertilizers are needed. With signs of weak growth or underdevelopment, it is recommended to resort to foliar top dressing with liquid complex fertilizers.

Cropping and shaping

The best crop can be obtained by performing powerful formations with a long pruned vine. Grapes "Lady's fingers" are cut into 8-12 eyes. The number of fruitful shoots is low, so long pruning is recommended to obtain high yields. Stepsons are cut into 4-10 eyes. After autumn pruning, the variety needs high-quality shelter for the winter period.

We also recommend that you read the article that describes the technology for pruning grapes with a vein.

Reviews of winegrowers

Many gardeners are skeptical about Ladies' fingers. According to a fairly common opinion, the variety is certainly worthy, but not quite from the market category. It is noted that under adverse weather conditions and in rainy summers, significant cracking of berries is observed with subsequent formation of mold on them, which negatively affects the total amount of the crop. Even regular irrigation with potash fertilizers does not always help to correct this situation. In addition, for transportation for the purpose of realization, it is not very convenient to have a fragile comb with which berries can be massively crumbled. Many winegrowers also noted that after planting on young bushes, the shoots ripen inadequately. The same situation can be observed with high loads of vines.

How to grow grapes

Grapes "Lady's fingers", like most Asian varieties, are most often cultivated by winegrowers in the southern regions. In some areas, vines are left on a trellis without shelter for the winter. The variety has established itself as quite capricious and in need of significant care. However, he remains loved by many gardeners for the harmonious taste of ripe berries.