The cultivation of ultra-early grapes "Nikopol Beauty" in the conditions of a private household

The cultivation of ultra-early grapes "Nikopol Beauty" in the conditions of a private household

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Grape “Nikopol Beauty” was bred more than fifteen years ago by amateur breeder Sidun Alexei Stepanovich and is a fairly well-known amateur variety.

Variety Origin History

The variety was obtained by crossing “Rishbaba black” grapes with the popular “Pearl of Saba” variety. It belongs to the number of table grape varieties and is characterized by a very early and friendly period of harvest ripening. From the moment the buds open up to the stage of full ripeness of the berries, it takes from 105 to 110 days. Currently, “Nikopol Beauty” is undergoing additional tests in the southern regions of the Republic of Belarus.

Grape "Nikopol Beauty": variety description

Grade characteristics

An amateur variety of early ripening “Krasa Nikopol” allows you to get a consistently high and friendly harvest before most popular varieties. Berries are ready for use in the third decade of July.

Biological description

The grape bushes of this variety have a large or medium growth force. Flowers form bisexual. The vine is characterized by good ripening along almost the entire length of the shoots. Cuttings differ in power and a high level of rooting. The fruiting coefficient is 1.1-1.2.

Grapes of the “Krasa Nikopol” variety compares favorably with the formation of large and uniformly clustered clusters, the average mass of which can vary between 450-750 g. Larger grape brushes are often observed. The clusters are cylindrical, medium in density or with slight friability.

Technical characteristics of berries

The fully ripened berries are large, with an average weight of about 6 g. The standard size of the berry is 20 x 17 mm. The grapes are oval, with a characteristic dark pink, and at the stage of full ripening purple, staining. When overripe, the berries acquire a saturated blue color. The peel is relatively thin and almost imperceptible when grapes are consumed.

The pulp has a density and a pleasant, quite harmonious taste. The sugar content of berries at the stage of full ripening can vary from 18 to 20% with an acid level of 4-5 g / l.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the material, which talks about the technology of pruning grapes in spring.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

The Krasa Nikopol grape variety is often cultivated in homestead viticulture in the southern regions of Russia and has the following set of positive qualities:

  • bunches and berries have a high presentation and even coloring;
  • indicators of frost resistance reach -22 ° C;
  • resistance to the main diseases: mildew, oidium and gray rot - average, 3.5 points;
  • high sugar accumulation in ripe berries;
  • on the bushes the grapes do not ripen;
  • berries are rarely affected by wasps;
  • the number of fruitful shoots can vary from 60% to 70%.

When growing, it should be remembered that the variety is positioned as a covering and needs to create reliable protection for the winter period.

Landing and care

Despite the unpretentiousness of the variety, the yield and health of the vineyard largely depends on the correctly planted seedlings:

  • depleted soil in the area planned for planting grapes should be enriched a couple of months before digging planting pits with potassium salt;
  • as a fertile soil, a mixture based on peat, lime and manure should be used, which can be supplemented with garden soil;
  • ten days before planting, seedlings should be hardened, and before planting, it is necessary to remove excess shoots;
  • the bottom of the landing pit should be equipped with drainage, and in the central part it is necessary to establish a support in the form of a peg;
  • a seedling placed in a pit should be tied to a support, which will insure the root system from bends and subsidence;
  • the roots of a seedling covered with fertile soil should be straightened as much as possible, and soil compaction above the roots should be carried out very carefully.

When watering the planted seedlings, you can use a slightly pink solution of pharmacy potassium permanganate. Further care for planting grapes is to conduct timely weeding, loosening the soil around the bushes, as well as fertilizing and systematic irrigation measures.

Cropping Features

Pruning grape bushes in the conditions of personal cultivation is required to be carried out in several stages.

  1. The initial pruning is carried out in the autumn, after the harvest is ripe. At this point, branches that are not ripe, thinned, or damaged should be removed.
  2. The second pruning is carried out in the spring, after removal of the protective shelter from the plants. At this stage, shoots that have suffered freezing in the winter or received damage should be removed.

Pruning of annual shoots must be carried out in order to form powerful plants. On a thin vine should leave a minimum number of buds. Thick shoots are adapted to hold a large number of buds. The optimal load on each grape bush can be 30-35 eyes. Pruning of fruiting vines should be carried out at 6-10 eyes.

Gardeners reviews

According to many winegrowers who cultivate this variety of grapes for a long time in their personal plots, Krasa Nikopol is one of the best ultra-early varieties. The plant forms a marketable appearance of clusters with aligned and evenly colored berries. Gardeners note the frost resistance of fruit buds that can withstand temperatures up to -22 ° C.

The yield of grape bushes of this variety is very high and stable from year to year. The average resistance to the most common diseases of vineyards is at the level of 3.5 points, which suggests standard preventive treatments. The transportability of grape brushes is very high and allows you to classify the variety as demanded for cultivation for sale.

How to plant grapes in autumn

"Beauty Nikopol" is a worthy variety of table grapes, which can be successfully grown in the homestead even by beginner growers.