Instructions for the use of the herbicide Biceps Garant, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Biceps Garant, consumption rates and analogues

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The volume of the harvest of vegetables and grain crops in large agricultural enterprises largely depends on how clean the fields with crops are from weeds. For the processing of beets and buckwheat, the herbicide "Biceps Garant" is successfully used. Thanks to its multicomponent composition, it successfully fights more than 40 types of weeds. It is necessary to know the features of the pesticide and the rules for its use, so that the action is effective and the harm is minimal.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug "Biceps Garant"

Herbicide "Biceps Garant" is intended for the extermination of dicotyledonous weeds of the annual cycle and cereals on crops of all types of beets and buckwheat. Substances that have the main inhibitory effect on weeds include:

  • desmedipham is a narrow selective herbicide, its quantity in "Biceps Garant" is 70 grams per liter;
  • etofumezate - contact preparation, 110 grams per liter;
  • phenmedipham - has a systemic selective effect, 90 grams per liter.

The release form "Biceps Garant" is a concentrated emulsion, packaged in 5 liter plastic cans.

Principle, speed and symptoms of exposure

The herbicide "Biceps Garant" has translaminar properties. It is able to penetrate into the plant, but it does not spread through its vascular system. As a result of penetration into the leaf plate, tissue disruption occurs, the growth and division of cells stops, and the wax layer ceases to form.

The speed of action is influenced by soil moisture and the content of organic matter in it. The drier and more fertile it is, the less active the herbicide is.

After spraying, the first visible signs of the action of the pesticide appear after 3-7 days. First, the weeds brighten, their growth stops. After 2-3 weeks, they dry completely and die. The greatest effect of the herbicide "Biceps Garant" is observed at temperatures from 10 ⁰С to 25 С.

Protective period

Crop protection continues from the time of pesticide treatment until the emergence of new weeds.

It is worth remembering that spraying during or after frosts, in drought or when the plants are severely weakened, damaged by insects, should not be carried out. Processing during this period is ineffective.

Advantages of the tool

The advantages of the herbicide "Biceps Garant" include:

  • effective removal of weeds in crops thanks to three active ingredients;
  • increasing the yield of beets and buckwheat;
  • inability to penetrate the drug into the roots, and from there into the soil;
  • long period of effectiveness of the working solution (24 hours);
  • subject to the regulations, the herbicide does not have a toxic effect on cultivated plants;
  • weeds are not addictive;
  • can be combined with other chemicals in tank mixes.

Disadvantages of herbicide

Experts note several disadvantages of the drug:

  • the herbicide is not allowed for use in personal subsidiary plots;
  • spraying should be carried out several times per season;
  • it is forbidden to process crops by air.

Consumption measure for different plants

According to the regulations, the rate of application of the herbicide "Biceps Garant" differs depending on the type of crop:

  • sugar and fodder beets - single, double or triple treatment with a drug consumption of 3, 1.5 and 1 liter per hectare, respectively;
  • buckwheat - one-time processing at a consumption rate of 0.5-0.75 liters per hectare.

Preparation of working solution

To prepare a working solution of the herbicide "Biceps Garant", it is necessary to intensively stir it directly in the factory canister. It is not recommended to make a pesticide stock solution before filling the sprayer. Having calculated the required amount of the drug, it is poured into the water, and not vice versa.

In this case, the working solution in the sprayer should be constantly stirred in order to achieve its homogeneity.

For preparation of liquid and filling it is necessary to use a special area. After work, it is disinfected.

How to use the ready-made mixture correctly

The ready-made solution is used in an amount of 200 liters per hectare for any of the treatments:

  • once - in the phase of four beet leaves;
  • double - at the stage of 2-4 leaves of weeds with an interval of two weeks;
  • threefold - in the phase of cotyledonous leaves of weeds, and then - after 1-2 weeks.

Crops should not be sprayed less than 6 hours before precipitation or heavy dew. It is not recommended to carry out the procedure under other unfavorable conditions - drought, heat, frost.


Working with the herbicide "Biceps Garant" presupposes mandatory compliance with safety measures:

  • undergo regular training;
  • do not allow persons under 18 years of age, pregnant and lactating women to work;
  • transport drugs in a special covered car in a sealed container;
  • use protective equipment - clothes, shoes, respirators, glasses, aprons;
  • do not spray near residential buildings, reservoirs and sources of drinking water;
  • do not eat, drink or smoke until the end of the work;
  • notify apiary owners about the time of processing;
  • at the end of the work, they remove the clothes in a special place.

Drug toxicity

The herbicide "Biceps Garant" belongs to the third class of danger for humans and the third for bees. Subject to the rules of use, it does not have a toxic effect on beets and buckwheat. After treatment of crops in unfavorable weather conditions, there may be a delay in development and browning of the tips of the leaves. The changes are temporary and disappear after 7-10 days without affecting the future harvest.

When working with the drug, you should remember:

  • processing is carried out in the morning or evening;
  • spraying is canceled if the wind speed is more than 4 m / s;
  • years of bees are limited to at least 3 hours;
  • it is necessary to observe the sanitary zone to residential buildings and do not apply the pesticide from the windward side.

First aid for poisoning

Despite the low toxicity of the herbicide "Biceps Garant", if used incorrectly, workers can get poisoning of varying severity. To prevent this, urgent measures are taken:

  • wash the eyes with plenty of water if the agent has got into them;
  • if the skin is contaminated with a pesticide, remove the preparation with a cotton pad and wash it with soap and water;
  • if the herbicide gets inside, you should take activated charcoal (1 g per 1 kg of human weight), drink plenty of warm water and induce vomiting;
  • after providing assistance, take the victim to a doctor or call an ambulance.

Compatibility with other products

To increase the effect of the herbicide "Biceps Garant" it is used with other drugs. Experts believe that its spectrum of action expands when mixed with pesticides:

  • "Triceps";
  • "Hacker";
  • Miura;
  • "Pilot" and others.

To check compatibility, a test is carried out by mixing small amounts of drugs in a special container.

Storage rules and shelf life

The drug is stored in a special warehouse, away from food products, animal feed and other chemicals at a temperature of -10 ⁰C to +40 ⁰C. The packaging must not be damaged, the manufacturer's label contains all the information about the pesticide. The shelf life is 3 years from the date of manufacture, subject to storage rules.

Herbicide analogs

Chemicals with the same properties as the herbicide "Biceps Garant" include:

  • Beta Super;
  • "Sekira Trio";
  • Bitap Trio;
  • Bifor Expert.

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