Instructions for use and composition of Borey insecticide, dosage and analogues

Instructions for use and composition of Borey insecticide, dosage and analogues

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Insecticides are used in agriculture and home gardens to treat garden and garden plants from pests. Many of them have a wide range of activities and universal application. Consider the composition and form of release of the Borey insecticide, its purpose and mechanism of action, how to apply it according to the instructions, how to work, taking into account the precautions. What can be combined with, how to store, what is permissible to replace.

Composition and form of release of funds

The well-known company "August" produces this insecticide in the form of a suspension concentrate. The pesticide contains 2 active substances: imidacloprid in an amount of 150 g per 1 liter and lambda-cyhalothrin in an amount of 50 g per liter. The drug is produced in bottles of 1 liter.

Prescribing the drug

Destroys sucking and leaf-gnawing harmful insects, including lurking ones. Effective against insects resistant to pyrethroid insecticides and FOS. Acts quickly, has long-term protection. The drug with a systemic effect, acts on pests by contact and intestinal type. Resistant to prolonged sunlight and high temperatures.

"Borey" is intended for use on major crops, as well as in areas where locusts have appeared.

Mechanism of work

Imidacloprid from the neonicotinoid class has systemic activity, the substance penetrates through leaf and stem surfaces and through roots, affects the central nervous system of pests, blocking the work of nerve fibers. Lambda-cyhalothrin from the class of synthetic pyrethroids remains on the leaf surface, but is effective not only against insects, but also against phytophagous mites.

"Boreas" inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses, insects are destroyed both by contact with the solution on them, and as a result of eating sprayed plants. The double action allows the product to confidently destroy insects that are located on the lower surface of foliage and in hard-to-reach places.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

The action of the insecticide begins almost immediately after the appearance of pests in the body, they cannot eat and die within 1 day. Boreas protects plants for 2-3 weeks.

Instructions for the use of insecticide "Borey"

Dosage rate in agriculture (in liters per hectare):

  • wheat, barley, rapeseed - 0.08-0.1;
  • beets - 0.1-0.12;
  • pastures - 0.1-0.15;
  • peas - 0.12-0.15;
  • potatoes, tomato - 0.08-0.12;
  • onions from thrips - 0.12-0.14, from flies - 0.2-0.25;
  • carrots from flies - 0.12-0.14, from flies - 0.2;
  • cabbage - 0.1-0.14;
  • apple tree, grapes - 0.3;
  • wheat - 0.1.

The multiplicity of spraying with the Borey means is 2, the consumption for seedling treatment is 100-200 liters, for adult plants - 200-400 liters per hectare, for trees and grapes - 800-1500 liters, when spraying from an airplane - 25-50 liters. The waiting period before harvest is from 10 to 38 days. You can work on the treated areas a week after spraying.

Safety engineering

In terms of toxicity, "Boreas" belongs to class 3 for humans and 1 for bees. It cannot be used on flowering trees, grapes and other crops; you also need to observe the zone for the summer of bees - 4-5 km from apiaries, warn beekeepers 4-5 days before processing.

To ensure safety, work with insecticide and its solution in protective clothing, gloves, goggles and a respirator with a filter. Do not remove before completion of work, do not drink, eat or smoke.

If the insecticidal solution is on the skin, rinse with water, you should also thoroughly rinse your eyes if splashes get into them. Rinse with medical charcoal water if the solution gets into the stomach. If the condition worsens, consult a doctor.

Compatibility with other substances

"Borey" is allowed to be combined in mixtures with fungicides for the treatment of grain with the preparations "Kolosal" and "Kolosal Pro", "Demerta", "Eraser Extra", "Eraser 100", "Ballerina", for the treatment of rapeseed - with the preparation "Galion" , beets - with the means "Biceps 22" and "Biceps Garant". Can be combined with mineral fertilizers and growth regulators.

If the compatibility of the active substances of the preparations is unknown, testing should be carried out before mixing: mix a small amount of a solution of both agents and check the chemical reaction. If there is no change in color, consistency, temperature, no sediment will form and no lumps form, the products can be mixed.

Storage rules

Insecticide "Borey" is stored for 3 years from the date of production. Storage conditions: dry, darkened and ventilated room. The concentrate must be stored in its original packaging. Can be kept together with fertilizers and other pesticides, food, feed, medicines and household products are excluded.

After the end of the storage period, the drug must be disposed of. Use the solution all the time on the day of preparation; it can be stored for only 1 day. After that, it makes no sense to apply it, since it loses its effectiveness.

Analogs of the remedy

It is possible to replace the drug "Borey" with means with a similar purpose and effect: "Cannoneer Duo", "Strike BT", "Greenfort Il 200", "Anticolorad", "Borey Neo", "Akinak". They can be used in the fields and gardens of agricultural enterprises, in vegetable gardens and in the gardens of private households.

"Borey" is an insecticide used in agriculture on many crops to treat them from common varieties of pests. It is capable of destroying insects belonging to different families, even those that are secretive or resistant to pyrethroid pesticides and FOS. The advantage of the insecticide is that it does not lose its effect when exposed to sunlight and from high temperatures, that is, it can be used to treat plants in summer, in the heat. "Borey" is distinguished by its speed of action and long-term protective effect; pests do not appear on treated crops and do not breed for 2-3 weeks.

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