Features of the grape variety “Lily of the valley” from the selection of V.V. Zagorulko

Features of the grape variety “Lily of the valley” from the selection of V.V. Zagorulko

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Grapes "Lily of the valley" are highly regarded by winegrowers for their excellent appearance, as well as excellent taste qualities of berries.

Grade characteristics

Grapes "Lily of the Valley" was the result of breeding amateur winegrower Vitaliy Vladimirovich Zagorulko. The variety description indicates that the hybrid form was obtained from the parent pair represented by the varieties "Kishmish Luchisty" and "Talisman".

The hybrid form of “Lily of the Valley” grapes is assigned to varieties with an early-ripening period: harvest depending on climate and weather conditions can be obtained in 120-135 days. This variety is a canteen and is best suited for fresh consumption.

Grapes "Lily of the valley": features of cultivation

Biological description

Bushes are characterized by power and high growth. The plant forms large brushes, the weight of which is not less than 0.5 kg. The standard form of the bunch is cylindrical or conical with a slight elongation. Flowering bisexual. The level of pollination is high. Shoots are characterized by the most complete ripening, which allows you to get stable and high yields.

The hybrid form of the Lily of the Valley grape has been selected relatively recently, and therefore reliable information on the resistance of the form to damage by major diseases and pests has not been obtained.

Currently, research work is underway that will confirm the previously announced data on the resistance of the variety to damage by fungal infections, mildew and oidium.

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Technical characteristics of berries

Ripe berries are quite large in size - 3.5 x 2.2 cm. The shape is oval with slight elongation or cylindrical-oval. The berry mass can reach 14.5 g. The main staining of the skin at the stage of full ripening is lemon yellow. The peel has average thickness and is completely eaten.

The taste of grapes is quite good. The taste is pronounced, harmonious, different muscat shade and slight floral notes. The pulp is juicy and moderately fleshy. Sugar content varies from 17 to 19%. The acidity level of grape juice does not exceed 7 g / l.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Insufficient knowledge of the hybrid form "Lily of the valley" does not allow to fully appreciate its pros and cons. The description declares the following advantages of the variety:

  • frost resistance up to -21 ° С;
  • ripe clusters can remain on the vine for a long time without loss of taste and marketability of the crop;
  • stable and fairly high fruiting due to the bisexual type of flowers of this variety;
  • fertility of planting soil and weather conditions practically do not affect the taste and marketability of berries;
  • ease of propagation of the hybrid form, based on high rooting and quick survival of cuttings;
  • good crop keeping subject to storage rules and conditions.

In practice, these criteria have not yet been tested in sufficient volume, and there is also no experimental evidence of the plant's resistance to diseases and pests.

Landing and care rules

The main condition for planting grapes of this hybrid form, like any other new variety, is the use of high-quality and healthy seedlings purchased in special nurseries. Landing must be carried out in accordance with the following agricultural requirements:

  • only areas with a good level of illumination and protected from the effects of a through north wind are suitable for cultivation;
  • it is optimal to place the landing on the south side of the plots, near the wall of any capital structure;
  • planting of seedlings should be carried out on low hilly areas or standard earthen embankments;
  • grape bushes show rapid rooting and maximum fruiting on light and fairly fertile soils;
  • the close location of groundwater requires the mandatory construction of a high-quality drainage system;
  • the distance in the rows between the planted grape seedlings should not be less than three meters;
  • the depth and width of the landing pit should be about one meter;
  • the seedling should be deepened to the root neck and tied to a high support.

It is very important to prepare the landing pit in advance, and, if necessary, enrich the soil on the site by applying humus and complex fertilizers. Preplanting treatment of the root system of grape seedlings with the help of the "Humate" stimulator gives a good result.

For full fruiting, it is imperative to carry out the main measures for caring for the plant:

  • provide the vineyard with regular irrigation measures, which should be as plentiful as possible in the dry season;
  • mulch the soil around the stem with sawdust to maintain optimal moisture;
  • to feed the plants when the grape bushes enter the phase of crop formation;
  • to carry out timely pruning of vines for 10 eyes for each shoot.

Insufficient knowledge of the resistance of the hybrid Lily of the valley form to the main diseases requires prophylactic systemic treatments. For the winter period, the vine should be covered.

You can familiarize yourself with the rules of summer pruning of grapes here.

Gardeners reviews

Most of the gardeners who have tasted the variety have liked the Lily of the Valley grapes in every way. In general, the hybrid form has managed to prove itself well in the conditions of personal plots. The form is characterized by strong growth and excellent ripening of the vine. According to winegrowers who cultivate this variety for more than five years, the taste qualities of berries collected from bushes that have gained full strength are very worthy. In addition, grapes can last a very long time after ripening in the bushes, do not crumble. Also, no cracking of berries was noticed.

How to care for "Lily of the valley" grapes

Very strong growth, the presence of a beautiful, clean vine and inflorescences on all shoots make the shape of table grapes "Lily of the valley" from the selection of V. V. Zagorulko very attractive and promising for home vine growing.