Features of the cultivation of grapes "Maxi white"

Features of the cultivation of grapes "Maxi white"

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Grapes "Maxi white" refers to the elite varieties that are widely used in the field of winemaking, and are also sold for fresh consumption.

Grade characteristics

Elite grape varieties require a harvest with excellent technical and quality characteristics. The Maxi White variety is most often grown for sale. Mass harvesting occurs in August or September, depending on the region of cultivation and weather conditions.

Biological description and characteristics of berries

Bushes have medium growth power. The vine is characterized by early fruiting. The main peak of fruiting occurs in mid-August. A bunch is formed of a large, beautifully aligned shape, with high commodity rates. The standard mass of one cluster can vary from 500 to 900 g. Quite often, brushes reach a weight of 1 kg.

Berries have a very harmonious sweet taste with subtle sourness. Grapes are impressive even for experienced gardeners by the size of the fruits, round shape of berries and appearance. Taste indicators are very high. On the palate, pleasant fruit shades are captured. The standard weight of the berry does not exceed 6 g. The main color is yellowish-white. Rather soft, but strong peel covers a dense, with a characteristic crunch berry flesh.

Advantages and disadvantages

Variety "Maxi white" practically does not have pronounced disadvantages. Moreover, the number of advantages of this grape is very large. The following benefits deserve special attention:

  • guaranteed large-fruity berries;
  • very high level of quality and presentation of berries;
  • increased frost resistance of the variety, allowing the vine to easily tolerate frosts to -32 ° C;
  • excellent taste characteristics of berries, which are characterized by the presence of a delicate and refined fruit aroma and the optimal balance of sugars and acids;
  • excellent transportation rates;
  • the duration of storage of the crop without loss of taste and presentation.

Subject to agricultural technology, the plant shows good endurance and high productivity.

Elite grape seedlings

Planting rules and cultivation features

At the stage of acquisition of planting material, you should pay attention to the seedlings to have a high-quality and well-developed root system. The plant must be completely healthy and not have even the slightest sign of disease or pest damage.

The main requirements for planting seedlings are as follows:

  • planting should be carried out from the last decade of March to May or from September to mid-October;
  • the plant should be placed in a well-lit area, however, planting is also possible in partial shade;
  • it is very important to maintain a standard distance between planted plants, which can vary from one to two meters;
  • planting depth may vary depending on the volume of the root system of the seedling, the standard depth is 50 centimeters.

The survival rate of seedlings is good. To obtain a stable annual crop, the characteristics of the variety and the relevant requirements for plant care should be taken into account:

  • most often, the vineyard suffers from damage from various diseases, as well as from an overabundance or lack of nutrients in the soil and exposure to adverse weather conditions;
  • prevention against mildew is spraying with fungicides such as 1% Bordeaux liquid, 0.4% solution of cuprosan or polychoma;
  • to protect against oidium, vineyards should be treated with sulfuric preparations, including colloidal sulfur or such preparations as Benlate, Topsin or "Fundazole";
  • gray rot, affecting the green mass of the vine bush, as well as berries and annual ripened shoots, can be removed using fungicides such as Benlate, Euparen and Topsin.

It is important to remember that in August, at the stage of ripening, it is unacceptable to use chemical preparations. During this period, you can use colloidal sulfur, a pink solution of potassium permanganate, as well as soda ash and the drug "Actofit." When growing this variety, the vine should be trimmed for 4-6 eyes, and a plant should be formed at the rate of 18-20 eyes for each bush.

Grapes belonging to table or universal varieties should be fertilized more often. During the growing season, the procedure is carried out every ten days using diluted mullein, superphosphate and magnesium.

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Reviews of winegrowers

Vine growers relatively recently began to cultivate the Maxi White variety, and its seedlings can be found on the market rarely. The number of reviews is still small, but they are all positive. This variety is in consistently high demand among consumers, which is due to high commodity indicators and excellent taste qualities of grapes.

Negative reviews most often come from insufficiently competent or beginner growers who are poorly versed in the technology of growing grapes and do not relate with due attention to the requirements of agricultural technology for growing varieties.

How to plant grape seedling

The “Maxi White” grape really deserves attention. The variety is not very suitable for beginning gardeners, but experienced winegrowers quite easily cope with the cultivation of this variety and get stably high yields of high-quality and very popular berries among consumers.

Grapes planting