Cucumbers "Herman f1": description and growing rules

Cucumbers "Herman f1": description and growing rules

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Over the past few years, the cucumber "Herman f1" has been a "best seller" among vegetable growers and gardeners. The variety has proven itself when grown on personal plots.

Grade description

Hybrid "Herman f1" ultra-precocious and high-yielding, with parthenocarpic type of pollination. Bushes are formed strong and powerful, form 6-7 ovaries. The plant is resistant to damage by cladosporiosis, powdery mildew and the very common cucumber mosaic virus.

Zelentsy cylindrical shape, from 8 to 10 cm long, have a coarse-tuberous surface. The pulp is very tasty, crunchy, with small seeds and a sweet, taste without bitterness, even when grown in conditions of insufficient humidity. The average weight of one green leaf varies from 70 to 100 g. Ripe fruits are not only used for fresh consumption, but are also ideal for canning and pickling.

Advantages and disadvantages

This hybrid of Dutch origin is popular in our country due to a large number of advantages:

  • the possibility of growing in personal plots, as well as in greenhouses or hotbeds;
  • guaranteed high disease resistance;
  • unpretentiousness and ease of cultivation;
  • excellent tastes of fruits;
  • good crop yields;
  • high and stable productivity;
  • does not require pollination by bees;
  • Zelentsy are stored for a long time and do not turn yellow;
  • ultra-early crop formation, which occurs 38-40 days after emergence.

The hybrid forms a good crop even with inadequate care. Compliance with agricultural technology has a positive effect on plants and increases productivity. With proper care, the yield of German f1 cucumbers exceeds 20 kg per square meter.

Cucumbers "Herman f1": growing

Sowing rules

A very early super-yielding partenocarpic gherkin hybrid "German" demonstrates stable yield with proper preparation and sowing of seed material.

Presowing seed treatment

Even in one green leaf, the seeds can be different both in weight and in size. Therefore, at the first stage of pre-planting preparation, sorting of seed material and selection of more fully-balanced seeds are carried out, which, after immersion in saline, sink to the bottom. Seeds suitable for sowing should be dried.

Before sowing, the seeds of cucumbers should be warmed up at a temperature of 60 ° C for a couple of hours. Necessary disinfection can be carried out by the dry method; wet disinfection of seed material is also widely used. In the first case, "NIUIF-2" or "TMTD" means are used. Wet disinfection is carried out in a 1% solution of potassium permanganate.

Open sowing

High-quality soil in the area allotted for sowing should be loose and organically fertilized. A good result is the introduction of conventional wood ash into the soil before sowing. Sowing in open ground is carried out in May, with complete warming up of the soil and stable positive air temperatures. FROMYou can squeeze cucumbers in an ordinary way. The distance between the rows should be about 65 cm. The standard distance between the plants is 10-15 cm. You can follow the sowing pattern of 90 x 30 cm with a seed depth of 1.5-2 cm.

Getting seedlings

When growing cucumbers by the seedling method, it is recommended to sow seeds in separate planting containers, which should be filled with a nutritious soil mixture intended for growing vegetable crops. Planting seedlings of cucumbers in a permanent place is possible when the threat of night frost passes. The best time for planting seedlings is mid-June. A good result shows an ordinary way of growing. When transplanting, seedlings should be buried to cotyledon leaves.

Growing cucumbers

The cultivation of cucumbers is not difficult, but adhere to certain rules for caring for the plant should be.

Outdoor cultivation

The main care for cucumbers in the open ground includes watering, top dressing, hilling and gartering of plants, taking into account the following recommendations:

  • water cucumbers need exclusively warm water;
  • irrigation frequency is about 2-3 times a week;
  • after each watering, it is necessary to very carefully loosen the soil;
  • cucumbers should be spudded after the appearance of the third leaf;
  • the main fertilizer for the plant is slurry and bird droppings;
  • for foliar top dressing, mineral fertilizers are used.

It should be remembered that chlorine-containing potassium salts cannot be used to top cucumbers.

Greenhouse cultivation

When grown in a greenhouse, maintaining the microclimatic conditions optimal for the growth and fruiting of cucumbers is of particular importance. Violation of the regime of lighting and humidity in the greenhouse, as well as overheating, can significantly reduce plant productivity. Care for cucumbers in a greenhouse or greenhouse consists in the formation of cucumber bushes, timely pinching of shoots, watering and feeding.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Many gardeners who have already grown the German f1 hybrid praise it and with great pleasure show photos of their crops on the Internet. Assessment of the taste of the hybrid "Herman f1" is 5 out of 5 points. It is noted that ripened greenbacks do not have bitterness: this defect is eliminated at the genetic level during the breeding of the hybrid form. Ripe cucumbers are dense, do not have voids in the pulp and are optimally suited for pickling and pickling. Canned fruits are very crispy, tasty and have a pronounced cucumber flavor.

How to plant cucumbers "Herman f1"

However, it should be borne in mind that this hybrid is unstable to frost and should be planted with seedlings in soil at an air temperature of at least 18-20 ° C. In addition, many vegetable growers are faced with the fact that cucumbers of this hybrid form are massively affected by such a fungal disease as rust, which can be eliminated with the drug Fundazol.

Given the characteristics of the variety, you can take timely measures to preserve the health of the plant. In general, a hybrid of cucumbers "Herman f" is an excellent unpretentious variety and is excellent for cultivation in household plots.