Varieties of devices for picking apples and how to do it yourself

Varieties of devices for picking apples and how to do it yourself

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For gardeners who have a lot of fruit trees in their garden, a device for picking ripe apples is useful. With the help of the fruit collector, it will be possible to get to the uppermost branches. Correctly harvested fruits last longer and do not rot. It also saves time and effort. The design can be made independently from scrap materials or bought in a store.

Benefits of using

Harvesting with the collector is easy and simple. The device has a large list of positive aspects:

  • time is saved;
  • the fruit picker allows you to pick all the apples without damage;
  • there is no need to drag a ladder or stepladder;
  • thanks to the long pole, it will be possible to pick apples even from a tall tree.

The sturdy construction is easy to make yourself. There are also many models to choose from on store shelves.

Varieties of designs from the store

Harvesting tools are sold in specialized stores. There is a wide selection of fruit trap models made of various materials.

All pickers can be divided into three groups:

  1. A structure equipped with cutters that cut the stalk. After being cut, the apple falls into a container attached to the cutter.
  2. The product resembles a mechanical hand with wire fingers. After activating the mechanism, the hand clenches and the apple falls into the bowl.
  3. The design is simple, consisting of a fabric mesh and a plastic base in the form of petals. Apples are picked by turning the cutting.

The gardener independently decides which collector is easier to use.

Wire fruit collector

The bottom of the wire mesh is designed as a bowl. The upper part has curved ends, between which the apple stalk is placed. The stripper turns and the apple falls into the bowl.

Plastic "tulip"

The device resembles a landing net. On a long stick is a mesh bag with a plastic rim. There are slots along the edges of the rim that look like the bud of an opened tulip. The stalk of the fruit is placed between the two slits of the tulip, then the handle is rotated around the axis. The stalk breaks off and the apple falls into the bag.

Collet puller

A popular model is the collet fruit collector, in which the length of the handle can be adjusted. The tip, with the help of which the fruits will be torn off, is made of metal or plastic. The fruit is grasped with a nozzle and the handle is turned. Some models have a leg for cutting the stalk, and a bag for storing plucked fruits.

Fruit picker with grab

The model with a grip is convenient. On a long pole, adjustable in length, there is a bowl made of metal or plastic. The bowl manages to capture and pluck fruits of any size.

Can I do it myself

The structure for picking fruits from the tops of trees can be made independently, having understood the principle of the mechanism. A long stick, wire and other handy tools are useful for making the device.

From a plastic pipe

A plastic pipe with thin walls is useful for the product:

  • One end of the pipe is cut off at a slope.
  • The sharp part of the resulting angle is cut in the form of two teeth.
  • The teeth are heated over a fire and bent inward in the form of hooks.
  • A bag is tied to the pipe, into which the plucked apples will fall.

Using such a device is simple. It will be possible to collect several apples in one bag.

Collection from a plastic bottle

A plastic bottle with a volume of 2 liters, a long fishing line and a handle (any stick, pole, pipe will do) are useful for the fruit collector:

  • To make a bowl, the bottom is cut off. Along the entire length of the cut, cuts are made that resemble the shape of a tulip.
  • Holes are made in each resulting petal through which the fishing line is passed. The ends of the line are passed through the opening of the neck.
  • The resulting bowl is attached to a stick. The short ends of the line are secured around the pole, while the long ends are left to comfortably squeeze and unclench the petals during harvest.

You can make a fruit collector from a plastic bottle in another way. The bottom of the bottle is cut off, then two symmetrical cuts are made on opposite sides. The neck is attached to the pole. During collection, the stalk should fall into the groove, after which the pole is scrolled until the stalk comes off the tree.

Closed bottle remover

To make the device, a 2-liter plastic bottle is prepared:

  • Closer to the bottom of the container, a round slot is cut on one side.
  • In the lower part of the hole formed, teeth are cut out.
  • The neck of the bottle is attached to a pole.

The fruit picker can simultaneously pick up to 4-5 fruits.

Using a tin can

A deep and wide tin can is useful for work:

  • On one upper side of the can, using a knife, make a shallow depression.
  • Then bend the edges with pliers. The slot should be tapered.
  • On the other side, the cans make holes through which the wire is passed and the bowl is attached to the pole.

The device is not difficult to make, the main thing is to choose the correct form for the jar.

Devices for collecting fruits from the ground

Experienced gardeners know how to pick up fallen apples quickly. Any of the do-it-yourself designs can be used to pick up fallen apples. Only the container will have to be placed not along the stick, but at an angle. This will allow you to collect up to 4-5 fruits, after which they are calmly poured into a basket or bucket.

A unique device for collecting fruits is a roll. The device will help speed up the process of picking ripe apples. Smooth movement should be carried out over the place of accumulation of fruits. The fruits fall inside the roll between the twigs and do not fall back.

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