Cucumber "Competitor": description of the variety and the nuances of growing

Cucumber "Competitor": description of the variety and the nuances of growing

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"Competitor" is characterized as a bee-pollinated, high-yielding variety of cucumbers of early ripening. The plant is long-climbing, with bunch ovary. Mass gathering of greenbacks occurs a month and a half after the emergence of seedlings.

Fruits are oval-cylindrical in shape, with a coarse-humped surface, of a pronounced green color, 9 to 12 cm long. The weight of one fully ripened greenhouse most often does not exceed 125 g. The variety is intended for universal use. and good both in salads and for canning.

Advantages and disadvantages

"Competitor" is an excellent example of a very high-quality and successful variety of cucumbers, which is practically devoid of flaws and has a large number of advantages:

  • stable decent productivity;
  • excellent taste and excellent external data of fruits;
  • high level of pollination;
  • good germination of seeds and survival of seedlings;
  • plant resistance to powdery mildew;
  • long fruiting period;
  • General indicators of productivity depend on climatic and weather conditions and can vary from 3.3 to 3.8 kg per square meter of planting.

The minuses of the variety include the rapid yellowing of the fruits in case of untimely harvesting. The overgrown greens have thick peel covered with cracks, in addition, the classic cucumber aroma disappears. The flesh of competitor varieties may be bitter if watering is insufficient.

Cucumber "Competitor": features of the variety

Rules for landing in open ground

Cucumbers "Competitor" are not whimsical at all and grow and bear fruit well, provided that they are planted correctly:

  • sowing seeds of this variety in open ground is carried out in May or early June according to the scheme 40 x 40 cm;
  • sowing of previously prepared seeds of this variety can be carried out by tape or ordinary method;
  • sowing of seed in the southern regions is carried out starting from the second half of April;
  • the ridges should be well warmed up enough, and the soil temperature cannot be less than 15 ° C;
  • subject to all conditions and when using shelter, the time from sowing seeds to the appearance of the first seedlings does not exceed 5-6 days.

Good survival and high productivity are observed when growing cucumbers on fertile and loose soils with a high humus content.

Care Features

For good growth and abundant fruiting, cucumbers need timely plentiful irrigation, regular weeding of ridges, shallow loosening of soil around plants and top dressing. Competitor cucumbers are easy to care for, knowing some of the biological characteristics of this plant:

  • ridges should consist of light, medium and loamy loam with a sufficient amount of mineral and organic substances;
  • ridges should be prepared immediately after harvesting the vegetable precursor crops;
  • deep digging of ridges must be combined with the introduction of organic fertilizers, preference should be given to high-quality manure or vermicompost with the addition of potassium and phosphorus components;
  • at the stage of active vegetation, fertilizing cucumbers should be carried out at the beginning of flowering, as well as at the stage of budding;
  • watering is recommended using a modern drip irrigation system for garden crops.

If the first signs of the appearance of plant pests or diseases are detected on cucumbers, it is necessary to immediately begin protective measures using the most effective chemical preparations in each case.

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Reviews of vegetable growers

Cucumber "Competitor" was bred back in 1980 and was originally intended for cultivation in the southern regions of our country. Currently, this variety shows excellent results when cultivated in the non-chernozem zone of agriculture. According to the observations of vegetable growers who have been cultivating this variety for several years, the plants bear fruit best when using trellis. A lower yield is observed when cultivated on standard ridges. The plant is quite demanding on soil moisture and its temperature indicators.

How to grow cucumbers

The competitor grade checked by time for many years is claimed by vegetable growers. It is noted that with proper care, cucumbers grow small in size. Of the consumer advantages of the variety, summer residents distinguish the following: Zelentsy ripen very quickly, they are very tasty, attractive and perfect for home cooking. Cucumbers "Competitor" are good for collecting their own seed material, which is appreciated by many gardeners in our country.