Potato "Innovator": a new and promising variety

Potato "Innovator": a new and promising variety

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High-yielding potato "Innovator" from the originator HZPC-Holland is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation for cultivation in the Central and Volga-Vyatka regions and is recognized by potato growers as a very promising medium early variety for table use.

Grade description

Potato varieties "Innovator" is a plant from medium to high degree of growth, intermediate type of growth. Floral corollas are large enough, white. The leaves are large, open, light green in color. The edge undulation is average.

The peel on the tubers is yellow, rough. Eyes are small. The shape of the tubers is elongated-oval. The pulp is light yellow (its color does not change during the process of peeling and processing potatoes), contains no more than 15% starch. The average weight of the tuber does not exceed 147 g.

Quality characteristics

A potato called Innovator has the following advantages:

  • marketable yield of at least 329-330 c / g is stable;
  • good resistance of the variety to the causative agent of potato cancer;
  • sufficient immunity to pale potato nematode;
  • low susceptibility of tops and root crops to late blight;
  • preservation of harvested root crops at the level of 95% and good transportability of the harvested crop;
  • high taste and suitability for use in cooking.

Indices of Dutch breeding classify this variety as class "A".

Potato "Innovator": quality control

Landing Features

Potato "Innovator" should be planted according to the standard scheme for planting and growing this vegetable crop:

  • it is very important to take crop rotation requirements seriously: potatoes should be grown after recommended garden crops, including peppers, cabbage, garlic, onions and cucumbers;
  • Before planting, all potato tubers prepared for planting must undergo mandatory training, which consists in germinating tubers in the light, as well as processing with special compounds that prevent damage by pathogens and stimulate root formation;
  • the soil on the site should be slightly acidic or neutral, and any deviations require special measures to balance the qualitative and structural composition of the soil;
  • Before planting potatoes, you should pay attention not only to the soil composition, but also indicators of soil moisture;
  • when planting seed, it is recommended to introduce complex or organic fertilizers, among which humus with wood ash are especially effective;

The recommended planting scheme for potato tubers of the Innovator variety is 60 x 35 cm with a seed depth of 8-10 cm.

Care Rules

When growing Innovator potatoes, it is necessary to adhere to the bulk of all the rules for the care of vegetable crops, including the following measures:

  • Carry out weeding work, preventing the active growth of weeds on the potato plot.
  • Hilling of plants should be carried out at least three times throughout the entire period of growth and development of this vegetable crop.
  • Potatoes need top dressing (with proper autumn tillage and the introduction of a sufficient amount of fertilizer in the process of digging the site, the need for regular top dressing is minimized).
  • It is necessary to irrigate regularly, taking into account that increased humidity in the area can lead to damage of tubers by potato rot, and a lack of moisture has a negative effect on growth, development and tuberization.
  • Regardless of the resistance of the variety to the main damaging factors declared by the originator, it is recommended to conduct regular inspections of potato tops, and if necessary, treat the plants with effective and modern preparations or alternative remedies.

Reviews gardeners

Potato "Innovator" is a relatively new and not yet popular variety in our country. However, the characteristics of the quality of vegetable products, as well as the variety description declared by the originator, allow him to be highly appreciated. Summer residents and professional potato growers recommend this variety not only for cultivation in a homestead economy, but also on a larger scale - with the goal of commercializing the harvest.

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