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How to cure strawberries

How to cure strawberries

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Hello, what about my strawberries? She was the second year, she was so beautiful, and here it is. Today I treated it with phytosporin, then what to do, I do not know, a couple of bushes have generally dried up. Please help with advice, it’s so pathetic to be without strawberries.


Maybe a weevil? looks like him

Weevil has worked. After harvesting, remove the old foliage and treat bushes with karbofos or Iskra (chemistry is indispensable here). In the spring, a second chemistry treatment is needed during the beginning of the bud extension!

Fallen away buds must be collected and burned - in them weevil larvae.

Will there be no harvest? can now process what? What does this creature look like? This is the first time.

This is a little black little bug with a proboscis. I think that there will still be berries, just not in such quantity, therefore, only after harvesting with chemistry. But be sure to carry out the processing, since every year it becomes more and more (destroys up to 80% of the crop)

Now the treatments are useless, he has already done his dark deed. Processing is done as soon as the peduncles begin to hatch. And he did not care for different tinctures, he was well protected.

Everything is exactly the same for me, already from here I learned that weevil, but it's too late to do something, half is blooming :(: - 🙁 (

A smlrodinu can now spark from aphids? The berries are already tied.


I sprayed the currant with a fitoverm, but it is full on the plum.

I don’t know, I don’t process chemistry when there are already ovaries of berries. I simply cut off all the tops of the currant with aphid colonies, it is useful to the currant, it branches better. And from the ants - gel Great Warrior.

Oh, this weevil! Last year I tormented myself with it, spoiled all the berries, and what I just didn’t process was useless! And this spring, as soon as the peduncles appeared, I processed it with intavir and a completely different matter, the eye rejoices! I can’t imagine how people manage without chemistry 🙁

Read the article here

This is spotting! If treated with chemistry, then the Bordeaux mixture should help! If folk methods, then here’s the recipe, but I don’t know if it will help!

This strawberry must be removed, you must not take a mustache from it, plant it in a new place, leave it to pick up a new strawberry

Read on the internet a lot of information!

If the strawberry leaves turn red closer to autumn, then this is normal, but if before, then septoria or white spotting, or too acidic soil

Can Bordeaux mixture be processed now or not?

There is still no place on the site to smash a new strawberry, but this I understand the end. It’s a pity, I really wanted my strawberries

This is not the end, we have such muck for the third year, there is no possibility to transplant it, somehow we collect it, not with buckets, but enough for food.

I do not process anything