Potato "Lugovskoy": one of the best varieties in Ukrainian selection

Potato "Lugovskoy": one of the best varieties in Ukrainian selection

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Potato "Lugovskoy" refers to mid-season varieties of tableware. It was bred by Ukrainian breeders. The originator of this variety is the Potato Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Grade characteristics

Potato "Lugovskoy" bred by NIIKH and IK NAAN based on the well-known Russian vegetable growers "Sineglazki". The bush part is erect, of medium height. The stems are small, of medium branching and leafy, angular in the cross section. Leaves of medium size, slightly dissected and moderately dissected, with an average level of pubescence, matte, with pronounced venation. Corolla of flowers of white color, medium size. Berry formation is very rare.

The root crops are oval in shape, covered with a smooth, slightly mesh peel of light pink color. The average weight of the root crop can vary from 85 to 125 g. The eyes are small, located with slight deepening. The pulp is white in color, with a starch content of 12-19%, not darker when peeling and slicing. The duration of the potato growing season "Lugovskoy" is 90-110 days.

The variety is relatively resistant to golden potato cyst-forming nematodes. The potato is resistant to cancer. It also has high resistance to late blight and damage to common scab.

The value of the variety is high productivity, reaching 52 kg / 10 square meters. m, excellent taste, long shelf life, as well as high marketability of tubers.

How to prepare potatoes for planting

Landing rules

Potato varieties "Lugovskoy" should be planted with prepared planting material after the soil is warmed up by about 1/2 bayonet shovel to a temperature of 8-10aboutFROM. It is recommended to qualitatively germinate potato tubers before planting, as well as adhere to the basic rules of planting:

  • Before planting, high-quality cultivation of the upper arable soil layer should be carried out, and, if necessary, weed rhizomes should be removed from the planting area or weeds should be sprayed with Amethyl with an average flow rate of 250 l / ha;
  • in order to increase the overall yield, as well as to increase anti-stress activity and resistance to major diseases and increase the yield of healthy tubers, seedlings should be treated immediately before planting with the seedling with a flow rate of 1 l / 100 kg;

  • planting is carried out in an ordinary way using the sowing scheme of 60 x 35 cm with a depth of planting seed tubers of 8-10 cm;
  • in crop rotation, it is recommended to use vegetable crops such as legumes, cabbage, root crops and cucumbers as the main precursors in front of potatoes. Crop rotation should include the cultivation of potatoes in one area after 3-4 years;
  • when planting tubers, 500 g of humus and a handful of wood ash should be added to each planting hole.

After the landing work is completed, you should carefully, but very carefully level the area with a rake.

Care Features

Variety "Lugovskoy" refers to unpretentious and even in adverse weather conditions is able to form a good and stable yield. Basic care for potato planting is reduced to the following activities:

  • the first row cultivation of the soil is carried out a week after planting, and the depth of cultivation, which should be no more than 2-3 cm, is of particular importance in row cultivation;
  • hilling by sprinkling soil to the bottom of plants is carried out several times during the season. Hilling is carried out after rain or watering, which allows you to sprinkle moist soil to the base of the stems and promotes tuberization;
  • if in rainy summers watering is not necessary when growing potatoes, then during drought irrigation measures should be carried out, and drip irrigation can ensure optimal watering at all stages of plant development;
  • potatoes require top dressing not only at the planting stage, but also at all stages of the growing season. As a rule, fertilizer is applied three times per season;
  • in order to increase the resistance of potatoes to diseases, as well as to increase the yield of marketable tubers and increase productivity, it is recommended to spray the tops of potatoes "Lurastim" at the very beginning of the budding period with a flow rate of 3 liters per 100 square meters. m

Harvesting is carried out after the tops turn yellow, fade and weep. It is advisable to mow potato tops half a month before digging tubers.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics and rules of growing Gala potatoes.

Potato growers reviews

The patent holder of the variety is the Potato Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, but the variety gained particular popularity in Russia. Many gardeners and professional potato growers gave an extremely positive assessment of the Lugovskaya potato and successfully cultivate it not only in homesteads, but also in smallholder farms.

How to plant potatoes in a non-plow way

Potatoes are also very popular with taste for most consumers. When cooking tubers are friable. This variety also earned good reviews due to the presentation of the tubers. When digging up the crop, there are practically no small tubers, but you should pay attention to the fact that the average number of root crops under the bush rarely exceeds 7 pieces. But all the tubers are large and have a marketable, attractive appearance.